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"The osteopathic paradigm is that , “Structure governs function”! However, I believe that emotions impact on function therefore they must also interfere with structure."

Anthony Mossop

Postal Consultations

The Postal Consultation is ideal if you require an investigation but are too ill to travel, live abroad or too far away to arrange an appointment. The method used to investigate your DNA through your samples, is extremely accurate and is a very valauble service for those who cannot attend the clinic.

Consultations with Prof D. Mossop and Anthony Mossop in London are £180 for the Hour this is an initial Consultation Follow up consultations, if necessary, are £90 for half an hour. These prices, include the cost of any Vibrational formulas made specifically for you. It is advised that a more in-depth consultation can take place if you see Prof D. Mossop/ Anthony Mossop in person however for those who cannot make it to London we offer the facility of a

Postal Consultation.

The fee is £100 inclusive of up to three remedies which are made up specifically for you with additional  postage costs. If you would like to have your formulas sent by recorded delivery you would need to specify this service.

For a postal consultation, we require a saliva sample, swabbed from the mouth first thing in the morning prior to eating, drinking or cleaning the teeth, and a hair sample.

Our suggestion is to use a cotton bud to take a saliva sample and then wrap it in cellophane or place in a sealable plastic bag/container, also cut a small piece of hair from the nape of the neck and sellotape to a small piece of card, These samples should be placed in an envelope and sealed.

The envelope containing the samples should be placed in a further envelope/jiffy bag along with your contact details, in particular your email address,  your date of birth, your cc details or a sterling cheque made payable to DHBC LTD to cover the cost of the consultation and the formulas made specifically for you we suggest you contact us to ascertain the meaning of the findings.

Please include your email address and send a full but brief explanation of your problem, history, present medications or treatments etc and a photograph of you or your child is also helpful, Send to our Jersey Institute of Phytobiophysics address. We suggest that you email the Institute to discuss your consultation and any suggested supplementation and follow up.


The Institute of Phytobiophysics
Le Prevot Clinic,

La Grande Route De St Clement,

Jersey  Channel Islands UK


email diana@phytob.com

telephone 0044  [0]1534 738737 Fax 0044 [0] 1534 618756


If you wish to pay by credit card please include the following details or phone the Institute with them prior to the consultation: 

Name on card

Type of card  ie Visa MasterCard  Amex etc

the long number

Valid from and Expiry date: 

Issue number if relevant 

Security [3 digit code on the back of the card.]