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"Natural medicine is really all about common sense."

Diana Mossop

Live Blood Analysis

A session lasts an hour and will involve you filling out a questionnaire on various aspects of your health history. Plus a pin prick of your blood is required from the tip of a finger, using a small sterile medical lancet [identical to the method used by a diabetic to test their own blood] to be viewed on a microscope slide. A high-powered microscope is used to project the live blood sample onto a screen for review.

The Session

A session lasts an hour and will involve you filling out a questionnaire on various aspects of your health history. Just one pin prick of your blood is needed from the tip of a finger using a small sterile medical lancet and this is placed on a microscope slide. A high-powered microscope is used to project the live blood sample onto a screen. This gives you a chance to see what your lifestyle is doing to your blood. What you see will be explained as far as possible and Anthony will work with you to create a proactive health plan that will put you back in control of your own health and vitality. If necessary he will advise and test via Electro-Acupoint [EAV] Testing for Phytobiophysics vibrational formulas, and Nutritional supplements which will enable your recovery. This form of biocompatibility testing achieves the best results.

Healthy Blood

Our blood is made up of cells and plasma. Red blood cells deliver oxygen round the body and white blood cells attack toxins and invaders. In healthy blood the red blood cells are perfectly shaped, separate from each other, flexible and fluid. White blood cells are active and efficient destroyers.

The plasma is clear, keeping the cells buoyant and well hydrated.

Unhealthy Blood

In "bad" blood the membranes of red blood cells lose their perfectly round structure and the cells tend to stick together. White blood cells show few signs of activity and the plasma can often resemble the water in a stagnant pond with many markers indicating imbalance. Over time unhealthy lifestyle patterns can lead to imbalances in our blood especially in the acid/alkaline balance. Long-term imbalances can lead to symptoms of lowered immunity, fatigue, a general sense of feeling unwell or more serious problems of malfunction and eventually illness.

What Does Live Blood Shows You?

  • Nutritional imbalances/deficiencies
  • Digestive problems
  • Yeast and fungal markers
  • Parasitic/bacterial/viral markers
  • State of the immune system
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Blood clotting factors
  • Efficiency of the detoxification pathways
  • Cholesterol balance
  • Acid/Alkaline balance

About Anthony Mossop The Practitioner

Anthony Mossop has worked in London and at the Berkely Clinic since 2003 treating with Phytobiophysics Health analysis and also Podo-Rhacidian Cranio-Sacral therapy. He is pleased to offer the live blood analysis since studying this interesting technique In 2005 With Han Van De Braak.BSc ND. He currently practices in Jersey and London and lectures in the U.K. via Nutri, and worldwide with the Institute of Phytobiophysics both on Vibrational Medicine and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

In 1994 Anthony spent over a year extensively collecting and researching rare flowers for their vibrational properties in the Andes and Amazon of South America. He Studied Chiropractic at the A.E.C.C In the late Nineties for three years attaining a Higher National Diploma in Human Sciences from Portsmouth University. He attained his Phytobiophysics Diploma in 1998 and has studied and been awarded with diplomas and certificates for many other modalities such as Nutrition, Auricular Acupuncture and Upledger Cranio-Sacral.

Holistic Test

Please note that live blood analysis is an holistic test not a medical diagnostic tool whilst it may highlight areas of concern it does not medically diagnose specific diseases or identify specific levels of deficiency. It is however an acute and accurate tool that directly reflects ones experience of their health and vitality and can point one in the right direction to change lifestyle, diet, or take other measures necessary to improve health.