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Brain Hormone Encephalin

Encephalins are concentrated in the thalamus , hypothalamus, limbic nervous system and spinal cord.Encephalin plays a vital role in relay of pain impulses and inhibiting pain impulses in the spinal cord- descending pain and head pain.Encephalins vibrate on the frequency of colour Ultra Violet

Physical Situations Related To Brain Hormone Encephalin

An inability to produce Encephalins would induce migraine, head pain and headache. neck pain and spinal cord disorders.
Encephalins are blocked by certain chemicals such as cortisone and also the spinal block procedure called Epidural. Encephalins inhibit pain impulses by suppressing Brain Substance P factor
Responsible for the outer casing of the brain and ensures health of the brain
Descending pain
Linked with TSH thyroxin
Conception GB Pancreas/ Spleen Meridians
Linked with spleen
Mucous enzyme stomach Motilin
Tonsil Rt Laryngeal

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