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Brain Hormone Serotonin

Serotonin is concentrated in the neurons of the brain stem.Serotonin is responsible for sleep/wake patterns, the circadian rhythm, therefore induces sleep. serotonin is involved with sensory perception, temperature regulation and mood control.Serotonin is stored in blood platelets and is implicated in blood clotting. Serotonin vibrates on Colour Violet The Flower essences for supporting Serotonin Foxglove and Thistle FF4 SF3

Emotional Situations Related To Brain Hormone Serotonin

Disturbances of serotonin cause depression and anxiety and an inability to sleep
Formulas which support Seroand FF4tnin are SF3

Physical Situations Related To Brain Hormone Serotonin

L Serotonin is very complex It is the hub cap of the brain hormone path and therefore links with each of the other brain hormones
l-Serotonin is the hormone responsible for activating the clotting factor of the blood platelets and is stored in the Blood Platelets [thrombocytes]. Serotonin in this situation controls the release of the brain hormone Fibrinogen and the control of the release of ATP adenosine Trisulphate.
Serotonin activates sleep, and controls the Circadian rhythm.
It is also contained in Blood Platelets and is responsible for inducing sleep when damage has occurred in order to activate the healing process, it is especially linked with concussion and coma.
Serotonin is the hormone involved with healing tissues and cell structures through blood platelets

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