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Diana Mossop

Brain Hormone Dopamine

Dopamine is a vital hormone for the support of the adrenal gland production of adrenalin and is responsible for 'fight or flight' response

Emotional Situations Related To Brain Hormone Dopamine

Dopamine is the first of the brain hormones to activate as a result of fear
Dopamine controls the Hypothalamus release of CRH in order to activate the Medulla of the Adrenal glands to produce Adrenalin in order to deal with ‘Fright or Flight’.
Dopamine is activated by shock, horror, fear, disgust and dark thoughts. Shock of sudden death
Dopamine is linked with fearful sexual encounters ranging from the fear of first menstruation, the onset of puberty and confusing thoughts, guilt as a result of committing an indecent act or witnessing such, to victim of rape or sexual abuse.

Physical Situations Related To Brain Hormone Dopamine

Dopamine is an essentila hormone for any form of activity in the body. Lack of Dopamine creates lethargy and exhaustion and an inability to motivate oneself.

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