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"Health is not a commodity that can be bought, sold or traded. It is your own responsibility!"

Anthony Mossop


Information Regarding Osteosarcoma

What is osteosarcoma? 

Osteosarcoma is a disease in which cancer malignant cells are found in the bone. It is the most common type of bone cancer. 

In children, it occurs most commonly in the bones around the knee. 

Osteosarcoma most often occurs in adolescents and young adults. 

Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of bone MFH is a rare tumor of the bone. It may occur following radiation treatments. MFH is generally treated the same as osteosarcoma and appears to have a similar response to treatment. Ewing's sarcoma is another kind of bone cancer, but the cancer cells look different under a microscope than osteosarcoma cancer cells. 

If a patient has symptoms such as pain and swelling of a bone or a bone region, a doctor may order x-rays and blood tests. If it is suspected that the problem is osteosarcoma, your doctor may recommend seeing a specialist called an orthopedic oncologist. 

The orthopedic oncologist may cut out a piece of tissue from the affected area. This is called a biopsy. The tissue will be looked at under a microscope to see if there are any cancer cells. This test may be done in the hospital. 

The chance of recovery prognosis and choice of treatment depend on the size, location, type, and stage of the cancer how far the cancer has spread, how long the patient had symptoms, how much of the cancer is taken out by surgery and/or killed by chemotherapy, and the patients age, blood and other test results, and general health.

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