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"A really good practitioner never stops learning and is never qualified as there is always something more to learn."

Diana Mossop

Diana Mossop Profile

Diana is the founder of the Institute of Phytobiophysics and the creator of the Mossop Philosophy.

I was Born in Africa in 1947 in a village in Nyasaland called Zomba. Nyasaland no longer exists but the name for the land is now Malawi. My Father had served with the KAR duirng the war and fell in love with Africa. After the war he bought a vast area of virgin bush land which he and my mother then turned into a farm. My mother was not happy in the bushland of Africa and so in the early 50s we returned to her home, the small Island of Jersey, Channel Islands. During the war the Channel Islands had been occupied by the Germans and so post war the islands were very rural.

My early childhood was very idyllic, wonderful beaches, swimming and surfing and picnics in the rain. We had a very happy childhood in the country with fresh organic vegetables and plenty of freedom and fresh air. I learnt from an early age about nature, fresh air and the value of fresh vegetable picked from the garden and the hedgerow.

I went to school at the Jersey College for Girls and then when I was 18, I applied for a commission in the WRAC [Womens Royal Army Corps.] I passed RCB and was sent to the WRAC college at Camberly Surrey. In 1966 I was given the Queens Commision as 2LT. Two years later I was fortunate to be promoted to Lt.and sent to Singapore to run the communication centre and two years later I was promoted again to Captain and sent to Hong Kong as Commanding Officer WRAC. It was a very big responsibility since I was only 23 yrs old. It was there that I met my husband, an army Officer in the Gurkha regiment, and married in 1971.

We were then posted to some rather amazing countries such as Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Hong Kong and Malaysia. I had two sons but it was then that I I fell ill with a rare mystery tropical disorder. Searching for medical answers was difficult since there were no apparent answers and so it was then that I really decided to turn back to nature I set about to study the healing properties of the tropical fruits and vegetables and also started to study alternative and Traditional Chinese medicine and follow this routes rather than pharmacueitical medicine. This was very succesful and I made a full recovery.However, It was not until my second son fell very ill immediately after having a number of vaccines ,[both childhood and tropical vaccines], all on the same day, that his health crashed, I then had to start to look towards nature for the answers.

This is when I changed from natrual curosity and love of nature to a desperate need to find answers. This really was the inspiration that drove me to study, seek and find the answers that were needed to support and help him to recover since there were no answers from the medical fraternity.

That was how the Mossop Philosophy and Phytobiophysics came into being.

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