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"Structural problems usually come about, not as a result of mere physical trauma but as a consequence of the underlying weaknesses caused by toxicity or negative emotions."

Anthony Mossop

Red Colour Information

Red is a powerful energy in nature. Red Berries and fruits are full of vitamins.Red is the colour of Blood and earth elements. Red is regarded as a warning sign,

Red is the colour of the physical journey



RED is the frequency of earth emotions ,

RED is the colour of instinct and magnetism.

RED is the colour of haemoglobin

RED is a powerful colour for countering negative thoughts and base emotions such as anger, nightmares and negativity.

RED is an earthing energy

Positive Aspects of the Colour Red

Energy of Colour RED supports:

Life. The lifeblood, energy life, vitality,


Power and Stability

Flow and release and a sense of freedom

Leadership, security and positivity

Clarity of mind, Clear and uncluttered mind, clean thoughts, purpose and resourcefulness

Progressive ideas. Direction balance

Magnetism and instinctive ideas,

Convention and intuitition. An ability to teach and pass on good ideas

Sensitive, aware and gentle

Spirituality and deep thoughts

Reform, change, flow, and flexibility  

Negative Aspects of the Colour Red

The energy of Colour RED heals and helps:

Loss of vitality, stagnation and constipation

Rigidity, lack of flexibility, unbending in ones approach to ideas.

Inability to change

Inability to recove , Victim of life,

Nightmares and fears,

Stagnantion and stagnant ideas, lack of progress

Unable to escape from negative thoughts

Easily offended, over sensitive, quick to react and feel insulted, picky and petty

Loss of direction, no pathway, loss of ideas for future, given up, no longer desiring to live

Lack of freedom, controlling in relationships, ownership, jealousy, control

Fear, terror, horror, nightmares and in partciular having witnessed terrible events. Near death experience

Hatred, wishing someone dead

Tthe elderly  or having had a  terminal diagnosis, the latter stage of a terminal illness

Fear of dying or death, losing a loved one through terminal illness. 

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