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"Live Blood Analysis conclusively demonstrates immediate physiological responses to vibrational medicine."

Anthony Mossop

Orange Colour Information

Orange is the energy of fire and passion and is the energy of reproduction and sexual relationships. Orange is the energy of seeds and fertility as well as the energy of Hope.

Orange is the corresponding energy of Indigo


  HORMONES      PASSION    SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS   PUBERTY                                                    

 ORANGE frequency stimulates the reproductive organs and the hormones.

ORANGE is the colour of passion and physical relationships

 ORANGE is the colour of the spleen and of hope.

ORANGE is the colour of potency and fertility.

ORANGE is the energy of sexuality

Positive Aspects of the Colour Orange

The Colour Orange is supportive of :


Responsibility maturity powerful stable and balanced

Fertility, fecundity: future

Puberty , maturity  to wise old age

The innocence of childhood. the loved child given true values and allowed to grow up appropriately.

Love  marriage , sexuality, healthy sexual relationships.

Making love, reproduction, pregnancy

Male sexual health



Cmfortable and at ease about one's sexual identity


Negative Aspects of the Colour Orange

Orange helps  and heals:

Loss of hope, nothing to look forward to,  people who listen but do not hear.

Refusal to take advice.

Impotentcy and lacking in sexual interest, spiritually infertile, no desire to have children or make love

Lack of sexual love and sexual relationships

Quarrels, rows and bickering in a partnership leading to separation or divorce

Sexual abuse:  paedophilia and disturbing tendencies

Victim of sexual abuse and rape

Loss of innocence. loss of sexual identity, feelings of shame and disgust  

Child of rowing/ divorcing parents



Stigmatised about one's sexual identity 


Cancers Related to the Colour Orange

Adrenal CancerAtaxia-TelangiectasiaBladder Cancer
Carcinoma of Unknown PrimaryCervical CancerChoriocarcinoma
Endometrial and Uterine CancerEwings SarcomaFallopian Tube Cancer
Gestational TrophoblasticLi-Fraumeni SyndromeLymphocytic Leukemia
LymphomaMycosis FungoidesMyelogenous Leukemia
Ovarian CancerParathyroid CancerPenile Cancer
Prostate CancerTesticular CancerVaginal Cancer
Vulvar CancerWilms Tumor 

Diseases Related to the Colour Orange

46,xx gonadal dysgenesis epibulbar dermoid  

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