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"Bacteria do not cause disease they are merely the agent of disease. It is lowered immunity that allows bacteria to proliferate."

Anthony Mossop

Green Colour Information

Green is the colour of the living, breathing planet as well as life and love. Green is the the energy of the heart and the lungs. Green is the colour of happiness.




GREEN is the colour of love.

GREEN is the colour of Life, the heart and the heart beat

GREEN is the colour of oxegenation and breathing

GREEN promotes forgiveness and allows one to recover from grief, anguish, bitterness, sadness and bereavement.

GREEN frequency stabilises all emotional trauma concerned with love, heart-break and heartache.

Positive Aspects of the Colour Green

The Energy of the colour Green supports: all aspects of LOVE  and  RESPECT for fellow humanity, nature and the planet

The life force

The heart, the heart beat and all aspects of Love, giving unconditionally without thought of repayment

The lungs and all aspects of breathing and life,

Composure, openeness and frankness, honesty, integrity, self worth


A forgiving heart and soul

Love of life, fresh air and freedom, A love of open spaces, activity, travel, mountain climbing and reaching far and distant shores

A love of the planet, respect for nature and the environment, responsibility and care for the planet ###;###for the future

Trustees of the planet and the environment  

Nursing sick loved ones. dedictaion to others

Foster mothers carers givers of love, nursing sick loved ones, dedicating one's life in a selfless manner especially to the sick and needy.

Parents of autistic or special needs children giving unconditional love

Doctors, practitioners, healers, nurses,


On the quest for Spiritual enlightenment. Searching for answers.      



Negative Aspects of the Colour Green

GREEN energy heals:

Heart beak, Heart ache, grief: sorrow, bereavment, sadness: loss

Rejection and betrayal and being unloved

An inability to forgive those who hurt one and therefore become bitter, unable to breathe or love and in danger of resultant health disorders and breakdown

Cancers of the soul

Unforgiving, angry and full of hatred. A bitter soul

Sarcasm and verball cruelty

Negating other people, rejecting overtures of forgiveness and friendship

Uncaring about fellow humanity

Destructive of the planet and the environment

Selfish and  ###;###destructive, ###;### unloving, ungiving

Hypocrisy and lack of  faith 

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Cancers Related to the Colour Green

Ataxia-TelangiectasiaBrain TumorsBreast Cancer
Carcinoma of Unknown PrimaryCervical CancerColorectal Cancer
CraniopharyngiomaEsophageal CancerFallopian Tube Cancer
Gallbladder CancerGastric CancerGestational Trophoblastic
Hairy Cell LeukemiaHodgkins DiseaseKaposis Sarcoma
Kidney CancerLaryngeal CancerLiver Cancer
Liver Cancer - HepatomaLung CancerMelanoma
MesotheliomaMetastasesMyeloproliferative Disorders
Non-Small Cell Lung CancerOvarian CancerPancreatic Cancer
Parathyroid CancerPenile CancerPituitary Cancer
Prostate CancerRetinoblastomaRhabdomyosarcoma
Small Intestine CancersSmall-Cell Lung CancerThymoma
Thyroid CancerUrethral CancerVaginal Cancer

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