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"Structural problems usually come about, not as a result of mere physical trauma but as a consequence of the underlying weaknesses caused by toxicity or negative emotions."

Anthony Mossop

Blue Colour Information

The colour Blue is all around us, in the sky, the sea, water and lakes. The throat level vibrates on colour Blue energy. Communication is the key to sorting out relationship difficulties. Have faith and trust, understanding that we learn from painful experience.

BLUE 470nm THROAT CENTRE               BLUE SKY     WATER         RAIN

BLUE frequency is the energy which is related to our relationship with our Mother and is also the energy of communication.

BLUE harmonises the throat area.

BLUE is the colour of communication

BLUE is the vibration of air and water, freedom and fresh air, open vistas and horizons

BLUE is the energy of youth and adventure, freedom of spirit  and plato

BLUE is the energy of youthful innocence and mental exhilaration

BLUE is the energy of achievment and perfectionism

BLUE is the vibration of the Appestat and therefore the appetite.

Blue is the colour that supports the uptake of Calcium and Magnesium.

Blue supports Faith


Positive Aspects of the Colour Blue

Colour Blue supports: The relationship with our Mothers Grandmothers Aunts and female carers

Yourth and innocence, merriment and joy 

Communication, the ability to communicate with the world and therefore overcome all obstacles.

Freedom of speech, Having a voice, being believed in and valued, given a sense of self worth, purpose and integrity

Achievment though knowledge and learning

The succesful student, perfectionist, beautiful, well groomed, well dressed, presentable 

Fathers approval and praise  Mothers unconditional Love  

Fresh air and freedom

Activity, mobility sporty, graceful and dignified



Negative Aspects of the Colour Blue

The energy of the colour BLUE heals: 

Loss of Mother void of , absence of, lack of love from, negation by mother

Suppressive controlling Mother

Loss of faith and belief, particularly in oneself

Innability to communicate, speech difficulties, having no voice, loss of voice, not being heard

Lack of intellectual capability. failure to achieve

Loss of self worth: pride and dignity

Tragedy in youth, lonely, neglected, rejected

Trauma of rejection by the people you love

Childhood distorted by absent parents, trauma of being bullied, pushed around, denigrated

Fear of letting go, pent up, controlled, imprisoned, loss of freedom

Loss of appetite for living, fresh air, activity, food, friendship etc.

Isolation: shutting oneself off from the world

Virtual reality, Virtual  games and friendships

Low emmison radiation  


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