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"A certificate of qualification is simply a stepping stone to further knowledge."

Diana Mossop

Silver Colour Information

Silver is the energy of Infinity. Silver is the Cosmos, the Stars, Moonlight. Infinity into the past, the ancestors, the silver thread of procreation, the babies of the future. Infinity of past, present and future. The depth of feeling. Faith.

SILVER 111nm     FAITH          STARS         MOONLIGHT       REFLEXTION



 SILVER is the energy of Faith and Belief

SILVER  ENERGY supports neurotransmission, transport of messages, cellular renewal, reproduction, 

SILVER  ENERGY is the energy of the spiritual umbilical cord

SILVER ENERGY is infinity

SILVER ENERGY heals injury, bruising and soft tissue damage.

SILVER ENERGY heals wounds both spiritual and physical

Positive Aspects of the Colour Silver

The energy of Silver supports:

Faith and belief systems, religion and ideology

A total faith and belief that we are loved and that there is a higher purpose to our lives 

The silver thread of relationships,  my Mother, my Father, my Grandmother,Grand father, My baby, son/daughter, my children

My ancestors, my past inheritance

Infinity of past, present and future

'Agape' relationships - the most beloved

Falling in Love, spiritual relationships. the people you love most in the world.

Cellular renewal, recovery, healing,

Healing through prayer love, touch. Spiritual healing, the gift of healing

Giving healing to others and receiving healing

Iinfinite energy fields, neurotransmission

Electro-magnetic energy fields  

The eyes: Neuroptics,  spiritual sight,  insight

Callings, Missions, Destiny


Negative Aspects of the Colour Silver

Silver energy is the most powerful healing energy and heals and helps:

Scars and wounds both physical and spiritual

The tragedies that occur throughout our lives on the Spiritual Journey

The Heart Locks.

Ancestral memories, very deep trauma as well as infinitly destructive forces.

Iridology lacunae, the visible scars in the iris of the eyes as a result of the wounds inflicted on us throughout our lives which have not been dealt with both spiritually and physically.

Recovery from cuts, old operation scars, burns, bruising, muscle pains, aches, torn liagments

Recovery from Radiation Therapy

Radioactivity, radioactive masts, ITeck, exsessive use of computers and electronic equipement.


Electric Shock   

Cancers Related to the Colour Silver

Anal CancerAtaxia-TelangiectasiaBladder Cancer
Brain TumorsBreast CancerCarcinoma of Unknown Primary
Cervical CancerChoriocarcinomaColorectal Cancer
CraniopharyngiomaEsophageal CancerEwings Sarcoma
Fallopian Tube CancerGallbladder CancerGastric Cancer
Gestational TrophoblasticKaposis SarcomaKidney Cancer
Laryngeal CancerLi-Fraumeni SyndromeLiver Cancer
Liver Cancer - HepatomaLung CancerLymphocytic Leukemia
MesotheliomaMetastasesMycosis Fungoides
Myelogenous LeukemiaMyelomasMyeloproliferative Disorders
NeuroblastomaNon-Small Cell Lung CancerOropharyngeal Cancers
OsteosarcomaOvarian CancerPancreatic Cancer
Parathyroid CancerPenile CancerPituitary Cancer
Prostate CancerRetinoblastomaRhabdomyosarcoma
Small Intestine CancersSmall-Cell Lung CancerTesticular Cancer
ThymomaThyroid CancerUrethral Cancer
Vaginal CancerVulvar CancerWilms Tumor

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