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"In bio-mechanical approaches to health it is regarded that structure governs function, however the Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Therapy regards emotions to be the underlying cause of structural instability."

Anthony Mossop

Infra Red Colour Information

Infra Red is beyond the visible colour spectrum, it is the energy of magnetism, earth minerals, rocks and molten lava. Infra red is a very physical energy and is the energy of Pain.




INFRA-RED is the most physical of all  the energies and heals the deepest pain of tragic experience in our lives

INFRA-RED frequency is the energy of magnetism and the connection with the earth.

INFRA-RED energy is the colour of instinct.

INFRA-RED is the colour of ENDORPHIN. 


INFRA RED is rising earth energy Gravity

Positive Aspects of the Colour Infra Red

The energy of colour INFRA-RED supports:

The inner core of one's physical being

Ancestral inheritence and memories,

Inherited 'Gifts' and attributions:   Abilities


Instinct and grounding

Feelings, senses, awareness of one's surroundings

Physical contact with environment, connections

Love of possessions

'Deja Vue', psychic abilities, clairvoyancy, premonitions

Spiritual connections

This life validated by one's feelings particularly of physical contact with the people one loves. TOUCH

Memories and Archives, Museums, libraries, collections of old photoes and letters and memorabilia.

Love of old rocks, buildings and beautiful artifacts.

A sense of belonging and knowing and being part of the environemnt

History. Knowledge, Instinct

Possessions: crystals, gems and jewellry.


A depth of understanding. Wisdom. Childhood memories, cultural memories passed on, nursery rhymes

Fresh start in life: Reform: learning from painful experience, the reformed victim who then helps others

The end of a life: Death. The beginning of a new life: Birth

The figure of eight Continuity

The law of the survival of the fittest



Negative Aspects of the Colour Infra Red

The energy of INFRA-RED helps and heals:

The physical journey, Now, Acute crisis, Pain

The Victim of life

People who feel Guilty because of something that they have done and feel unhappy about

Bitter anger, rage and hatred

Anger about oneself,  self loathing , self hatred, trapped in one's body, despair

The agonising pain of despair and deep trauma

The dark side of life the alcoholic the down and out drug addict criminals

The Guilty,  the convict,

Unhappy, bereaved, tormented, rejected, lost one's way in life

Terrible pain.  post operation, accident such as a broken bone

Radiaton,  toxicity

People who are unable to recover from wounds and hurt and cruelty

Victims of depravity and sexual abuse

Victims of life's circumstances 

Shock about adultery or sexual deviation  

Abusers the guilty 

Fear of death. The dying, the end of one's life, terminal illness.

Coping with loss such as termination, abortion, miscarriage, death of a baby  or child

The pain of loss of a loved one



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