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"The best investment that you can ever make is in your health!"

Diana Mossop

White / Rainbow Colour Information

White light shone through the prism of raindrops produces a rainbow. White flowers vibrate on the complete colour spectrum. Five petalled white flowers act as Star Harmonisers as they relate to the five systems of the body and direct ones attention to specific circumstances.

White the Whole - Light       The Governor and Conception Meridians

White light shone through a prism of raindrops creates a rainbow and is the colour of the spiritual journey of life which relates to the whole structure, the master organ, the pineal. RNA/ DNA

The Emergency Growth Life Force

White is the vibration of the complete colour spectrum and relates to the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine. White energy has an action on all levels of consciousness and heals shock and trauma on a spiritual level and heals betrayal.

STAR WHITE Enhances the Frequency of all the Colours

White is the colour energy that is needed when there has been a tragedy in one's life, such as the loss of a loved one, death of a child or even a tragic diagnosis. I often find that parents need white energy to help them when they have been given a shocking diagnosis such as terminal illness or even a diagnosis of a child such as autism .

Shock can occur in many forms and on many levels both physically such as an accident or operation or  spiritually when an emotional crisis has occurred.

Positive Aspects of the Colour White / Rainbow

The colour White is the most vibrant energy and creates VITALITY.

White supports FAITH and belief systems.

Life force,  through the Governor and Conception Meridians

Recovery and Healing, 

White is the most powerful energy of all.

Spiritual relationships, 'Agape' relationships, for example love of MY child, mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, best friend  etc.

God love, Self love.  

Self respect.

Physical love, touch and contact with fellow humanity.

Structural Alignment

Negative Aspects of the Colour White / Rainbow

Loss of faith.

Shocking news.

Tragedy Trauma

Loss of a loved one. Death of a loved on.


Utter despair.


Terminal diagnosis.

Accident  operation

Congenital damage Brain Damage.


Cancers Related to the Colour White / Rainbow

Adrenal CancerAnal CancerAtaxia-Telangiectasia
Bladder CancerBrain TumorsBreast Cancer
Carcinoma of Unknown PrimaryCervical CancerChoriocarcinoma
Colorectal CancerCraniopharyngiomaEndometrial and Uterine Cancer
Esophageal CancerEwings SarcomaFallopian Tube Cancer
Gallbladder CancerGastric CancerGestational Trophoblastic
Hairy Cell LeukemiaHodgkins DiseaseKaposis Sarcoma
Kidney CancerLaryngeal CancerLi-Fraumeni Syndrome
Liver CancerLiver Cancer - HepatomaLung Cancer
Lymphocytic LeukemiaLymphomaMedulloblastoma
Mycosis FungoidesMyelogenous LeukemiaMyelomas
Myeloproliferative DisordersNeuroblastomaNon-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Oropharyngeal CancersOsteosarcomaOvarian Cancer
Pancreatic CancerParathyroid CancerPenile Cancer
Pituitary CancerProstate CancerRetinoblastoma
RhabdomyosarcomaSmall Intestine CancersSmall-Cell Lung Cancer
Testicular CancerThymomaThyroid Cancer
Urethral CancerVaginal CancerVulvar Cancer
Wilms Tumor  

Diseases Related to the Colour White / Rainbow

11 Beta Hydroxylase Deficiency  

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