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"Viruses are emotional opportunists!"

Diana Mossop

Super Fit Tree Formulas

Superfit Tree Formulas are made from essences of the bark, nuts, seeds and cones of ancient trees. These essences have the power to support mankind on the Spiritual Soul Level. When we carry the scars of spiritual tragedy we frequently fall physically degeneratively ill. By supporting the spirit and soul our own innate healing powers are stimulated and even quite miraculous recovery can occur.

Super Fit 1 - Peak Performance

Super Fit 1- Peak Performance is a natural remedy made from the essence of the bark and acorns of a thousand year old oak tree. Peak Performance for whole body vibrancy and support. To ensure peak performance in life is to be totally in harmony with one's life, one's loved ones and one's work environment. (more)

Super Fit 2 - Karm

Super Fit 2 - Karm is a natural remedy designed to help you relax and to remain calm even in times of high stress. The main essence in SF2 is Eucalyptus tree. This essence vibrates on the frequency of 380nm which is the energy of the brain, the pituitry gland and the spinal cord Vitamins are found in sun ripened fresh fruit and vegetables and are essential for the health of the Central Nervous System and all brain and body function. Stress depletes the body of vitamins. At times of trauma it is essential to ensure that the levels of vitamins in the diet are sufficient. Chemicals which excite the nervous system and cause excessive anxiety, panic, stress and hyperactivity also deplete the vitamin balance. Super Fit 2 may assist with the uptake and assimilation of vitamins (more)

Super Fit 3 - Relax

Super Fit 3 - Relax is a natural remedy that has been produced using some of the most sacred trees and flowers on the planet. SF3 has the essence from the Magnolia tree. SF3 supports us with in life through enhancing our abilities for problem solving, strategy forming and managing responsibilities which all play a vital role in how we succeed in life. Stress, pressure and excessive worry about finances and life circumstances all conspire to interfere with deep and relaxed sleep. Serotonin, a brain hormone, is present in blood platelets and is responsible for clotting and healing which occurs during sleep. (more)

Super Fit 4 - Imun.T

Super fit 4 - Imun.T is made with essences of Red Wood. This is the tallest tree in the world and has been used as a symbol of healing and independence by the Cherokee Indians. This powerful tree vibrates on the colour frequency of 460nm which is Indigo and Blue. May assist with the assimilation of: -Anti Oxidant nutrients -Vitamins: A, C and E -Minerals Selenium, Germanium and Zinc -Essential Co Enzyme Ubiquinone- Co E Q10. (more)

Super Fit 5 - Breathe

Super Fit 5 - Breathe is a natural remedy that uses essence of the Deodar Cedrus, the sacred Tree of God . This Phytobiophysics formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 512nm which is green, the colour of life and trees, the breathing of the planet This remedy is primarily beneficial for the lung meridian. May assist with the assimilation of :- - Vitamins: B2 Riboflavin vital for the activation of the Krebs Cycle - Essential Amino acids: L-Leucine vital for the formation of Haemoglobin - L-Isoleucine vital for the formation of Thymopoetin found in meat and green vegetables - GABA, which is essential for oxygen uptake (more)

Super Fit 6 - Digest

Super Fit 6 - Digest is a natural remedy made using essence of Yew tree. This formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 573nm which is yellow in colour. This formula supports the liver, gallbladder,stomach and pancreas Meridians. A healthy balanced and nutritious diet has long been recognised as being essential for maintaining good health. It is vital to ensure that the digestive system is functioning at optimum levels so as to maintain maximum comfort and ability to assimilate correctly. With the ever-increasing statistical evidence to show a link between the gastro enteric system and the brain it is becoming very apparent that the digestive system should not be neglected. (more)

Super Fit 7 - Male Fertil

Super Fit 7 - Male Fertil, is a natural remedy made using the essence of the Norwegian Spruce tree. This Phytobiophysics formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 607nm which is Orange and is very supportive of Male energy. The spirtual and emotional health of Man is vital for the future of the planet. This Spruce tree essence formula can be used in conjunction with flower formulas FF16 and FF17. A powerful Male formula and is supportive of Masculine energy - Potency - Virility - Masculinity - Manhood - Fatherhood (more)

Super Fit 8 - Female Repro

Super Fit 8 - Female Repro is a natural remedy that uses a blend of tree essences from Arbol de Tulle Spruce tree. This is one of the longest living spruces and vibrates on a colour frequency of 580nm which is dark orange. The Cannon Ball Tree is a powerful tree that grows in Trinidad and Malaysia as well as Arbutus, the strawberry tree which is one of Canada's endangered trees. Super Fit 8 a Female formula to support all aspects of femininty and womanhood (more)

Super Fit 9 - Structure

Super Fit 9 - Structure is a natural remedy made using the essence of the Wild Cherry tree. A strong and structural tree, which produces fruit that are rich in enzymes and vitamin K. The cherry fruits are used medicinally as well as eaten as a fruit. Wild Cherry vibrates on the colour frequency of 780nm which is infra-red. The Cherry tree is regarded as beautiful and rare in Japan. This beautiful tree is very physical and the wood of the cherry tree is often used to make beautiful furniture (more)

Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry

Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry is a natural remedy made using the essences of Silver Birch and Pondorosa Pine. Silver Birch has powerful healing energy which is reputed to have ancient healing properties for injury to the tissues. The Pondorosa Pine is traditionally called the healing tree by the American Indians. The bark is crushed into a pulp and used to heal wounds and injuries. The bark is made of thousands of overlapping puzzle pieces which create a tough, fire-proof shield. This protects the trees in the event of forest fires. Ponderosa Pine is the spiritual tree of American Indians and vibrates on the colour frequency of 111nm which is the vibration of silver. (more)

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