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"Good health is your most precious asset."

Diana Mossop

Redwood Tree

Redwood Tree is one of a wide range of carefully researched essences that we use when producing the Phytobiophysics formulas. You can find out more about the benefits of using redwood tree on this page.  You can also find out which of our products redwood tree is used in.

Name:Redwood Tree
Latin Name:Sequoya sempivirans Giganteum
Collection Time:all Year
Colour:Indigo Blue


Summary:The Giant Sequoia or Redwood, is the tallest tree species in the world> A symbol of wisdom, independence and communication by the Cherokee Indians. Fossils of Redwood spread across Northern America, Canada and the arctic.
This powerful tree vibrates on the frequency of the colour Blue and is supportive of the Nervous system [ANS] and the Immune system.
Type of person redwood tree is suitable for:The person who has a mission in Life and who is able to bring this to fruition.
The person who leaves their mark on the planet in the form of a work of art. Creative, Gifted and inspired. Architects, artists, Composers, authors, etc. The beautiful people who have gifts and skills. The artisans of the world.
In all culture there are monuments to these crafstmen and women who have left a legacy.

Yin/feminine relationships. Grandmother/ mother/ motherhood/ my mother/my relationship as a mother or with my mother.

Sensual, erotic, sexy and loving, emotional, inspired by the senses, loving all things that are beautiful.

The strong and beautiful soul who is well grounded and secure and who radiates strength and fine emotions.

Happiness and laughter, fun loving and amusing.
Relaxed and cheerful and alwaysy looking on the bright side. Positive ,balanced and forward looking.
Planning one's life in a positive way

Lucky people who believe that life is on their side. Optimists.

Loving, family minded, fair, straightforward and honourable
Generous and giving, determined and realistic.
Fragile, sweet natured, placid and gentle.
deep loving and mature relationships.
Innocent relationships. Falling in love, young love.
Platonic friendships, Filial relationships.
Sensitive, inner strength, courage.
People who set out to achieve, study and learn - the student, on the quest for knowledge.
Emotional support for:Emotions, any emotional situation or breakdown.
Tearful, depressed, unhappy, unfulfilled.
Inability to fulfill missions,
Tormented by self doubt and inadequacy.
Lack of creative ability. The block. Unable to finish a project.
Discouragement, lacking in belief, loss of confidence, self worth.
Hot and bothered. gives up easily and does not respond to emotional support.
Easily exploited, easily led. No sense of responsibility.

Breakdown of relationship with motherhood or mother
Void of, loss, absence of, lack of support by, lack of love from Mother- creates very complex emotional disorders.
Isolation, denial, self loathing and destruction such as self harm. Anorexic,

Spiritual state redwood tree can assist in:Breakdown of Mother relationshp. Loss of Mother, death of Mother.
Extremes of emotion, deep and desperate emotional trauma.and tragedy
Deep anguish and spiritual/Emotional issues.
Nervous breakdown

Additional advice related to using this essence:Virus' are emotional opportunists, this essence is invaluable to support the immune system,
The Thymus, throat, sinuses, tonsils, teeth, the nose, mouth, the tissues, the muscles and ligaments
Supports the Limbic nervous system, The ANS, the sensory organs of eyes-sight, ears-hearing, nose-smell, mouth- taste and tissues-touch.
Redwood Tree may be used to assist the elimination of:Anti depressants
Hydrochloride drugs
Anaesthetic drugs

Mineral toxicity :
Bromine, cadmium , caesium, calcium, lead, nickel.


Related Products:

Super Fit 4 - Imun.T - Super fit 4 - Imun.T is made with essences of Red Wood. This is the tallest tree in the world and has been used as a symbol of healing and independence by the Cherokee Indians. This powerful tree vibrates on the colour frequency of 460nm which is Indigo and Blue.

May assist with the assimilation of:
-Anti Oxidant nutrients
-Vitamins: A, C and E
-Minerals Selenium, Germanium and Zinc
-Essential Co Enzyme Ubiquinone- Co E Q10.