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Oak is one of a wide range of carefully researched essences that we use when producing the Phytobiophysics formulas. You can find out more about the benefits of using oak on this page.  You can also find out which of our products oak is used in.

Latin Name:Quercus Robur
Collection Time:Summer
Colour:Gold, White Green


Summary:Oak is supportive of the heart, the Governor, Conception and Heart Meridian and the Circulatory system.

Druids in celtic Britain held the Oak tree sacred and ever since those days The Oak is regared as the King of trees. Robur means strong and sturdy and the wood from the Oak has always been used to construct houses and hulls of ships
The essence of Oak was created from the bark and an acorn of a 1000yr old Oak tree in Provence.
Type of person oak is suitable for:Sports people who require to reach 'Peak Performance'
Anyone who has had any kind of heart surgery
People on heart medication or who have cardio-vascular problems
Vital for energy

Loving, kind and special, people who take on the role of caring for the community
Carers and people who are nursing a sick loved one
Emotional support for:All heart conditions
Cardio-vascular situations

Caring for a sick child or giving ongoing health care for a beloved relation such as an elderly parent

Heart Break, Grief and Bereavement
Supporting people to recover from the loss of a loved one
Recovery from grief and bereavment
Recovery from surgery

Viral infections
Diagnosis of HIV or AIDS
Terminal diagnosis of a loved one
Diagnosis of a child with a serious health condition
Long term nursing given to a loved one.
Being a carer
Spiritual state oak can assist in:Agony and utter despair of loss of a loved one
Heart Break, Heart Ache,
Bereavement, Grief and sorrow

Serious heart break-down whether physically degenerative or through spiritual suffering
Additional advice related to using this essence:Oak is a very powerful essence and supports DNA and RNA damage.

Particularly valuable for supporting healthy foetal development such as in a situation where previously the person may have miscarried.

Very important for supporting Heart Murmur. Research has shown that one of the fundamental health problems that autistic children suffer with is heart murmur, this can occur as a result of anaphylactic shock at birth or in early phase of life.
Oak may be used to assist the elimination of:Mercury

Propyl alcohol


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