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"Flower and Tree formulas like Acupuncture without needles!"

Diana Mossop


Marigold is one of a wide range of carefully researched essences that we use when producing the Phytobiophysics formulas. You can find out more about the benefits of using marigold on this page.  You can also find out which of our products marigold is used in.

Latin Name:Calendula Officinalis Compositeae
Collection Time:May to September


Summary:Marigold is effective in helping with emotional mood swings during transitional periods such as the menopause. It is helpful for prostate & genito/urinary system issues.
Type of person marigold is suitable for:A person who is mature, emotionally stable and loving.
Emotional support for:When a person is unstable, erratic and unbalanced. All problems relating to the complications of menopause including irrational mood swings and the hot flush syndrome. When there are issues relating to the uterus, the menopause, prostate problems, endometriosis, endometritis. For pelvic inflammatory diseases, all genito/urinary system disturbances as well as delayed periods.
Spiritual state marigold can assist in:Calmness
Additional advice related to using this essence:Calendula is well documented for its soothing action on all local skin problems. it is also used as a first aid for wounds, burns and ulcers.
Marigold may be used to assist the elimination of:Endometriosis, endometritis, prostatitis and Clamydia. Natural hormone replacement therapy [HRT].


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This formula is required whenever any trauma occurs during the pubescent years.
The child of divorcing parents. Unhappy childhood memories which create trauma in later life. loss of innocence.
We offer this formula to support pregnancy together with FF2 'Emotional Recovery'
It is effective for a range of concerns experienced during puberty, childbirth or the menopause. FF16 is for supporting happiness in Childhood and puberty