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"Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas stabilise emotions and create harmony. They encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very profound level."

Diana Mossop

Hawthorn Blossom

Hawthorn Blossom is one of a wide range of carefully researched essences that we use when producing the Phytobiophysics formulas. You can find out more about the benefits of using hawthorn blossom on this page.  You can also find out which of our products hawthorn blossom is used in.

Name:Hawthorn Blossom
Latin Name:Crataegus Monogyna
Collection Time:May


Summary:Hawthorn Blossom is valuable for any heart conditions, particularly angina pains. Also useful for when you are overtired, overworked and exhausted.
Type of person hawthorn blossom is suitable for:A person who is patient, untiring and persistent. Sensible, strong and capable of coping with immense stress.
Emotional support for:Pre-cancerous emotional states can be treated with this harmoniser, such as extreme stress or grief, as it assuages emotional extremes which may contribute to a cancerous state. When there are conditions related to the heart, thymus, breast and Chest.

When you are overtired, overworked and exhausted.

Hawthorn Blossom is valuable for any heart conditions, particularly angina pains.

This harmoniser has a most valuable healing effect on the DNA, particularly when damage has occurred as a result of a severe virus or strong medication.

Very valuable for the treatment of women who have miscarried as a result of unhealthy foetal development.
Spiritual state hawthorn blossom can assist in:People suffering from spiritual trauma will benefit from this harmoniser as it will give them strength and courage to endure. A valuable harmoniser for persons nursing a very sick loved one.
Additional advice related to using this essence:Many of the old May Day festivities in France and England were bound up with pagan rites, using May blossom as a symbol of love and betrothal.
Hawthorn is recognised in modern medicine as having cardiotonic properties. it is used with digitalis in the treatment of heart conditions.
The leaves are used for tea. when mixed with equal amounts of ordinary tea, the dried leaves make a fine tasting tea.
The flowers can be used for jelly and jam flavouring.
The berries for hawthorn berry jelly, chutney and wine.
Hawthorn Blossom may be used to assist the elimination of:Radon, Vanadium, Carcinoma, interferon, DnA, Meningitis, ustilago, Vaccination.


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