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"A really good practitioner never stops learning and is never qualified as there is always something more to learn."

Diana Mossop


Bindweed is one of a wide range of carefully researched essences that we use when producing the Phytobiophysics formulas. You can find out more about the benefits of using bindweed on this page.  You can also find out which of our products bindweed is used in.

Latin Name:Calystegia Sepium Convolvulaceae
Collection Time:July to August.


Summary:Bindweed can support normally secure, sensual and strong females who have issues with their limbic system and feelings of insecurity.
Type of person bindweed is suitable for:A person who is secure, sensual and female. the strong and beautiful soul who is well grounded and who radiates strength.
Emotional support for:When a person is insecure, invading and evasive. Clinging onto situations and relationships. When there are issues with the limbic system, it can work as a female harmoniser.

Candida Albicans.

Spiritual state bindweed can assist in:When someone is in the state in which they are insecure, invading and evasive.
Additional advice related to using this essence:For additional information on this flower please speak to your local Phytobiophysics practitioner.
Bindweed may be used to assist the elimination of:Candida Albicans, thallium.