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Violet Lavender

Violet Lavender is one of a wide range of carefully researched essences that we use when producing the Phytobiophysics formulas. You can find out more about the benefits of using violet lavender on this page.  You can also find out which of our products violet lavender is used in.

Name:Violet Lavender
Latin Name:Lavandula Labiatae


Summary:Drained of energy, lacklustre and fatigued, never able to bring a commitment to fruition and Lacking direction? Violet Lavender can support you.
Type of person violet lavender is suitable for:A person who is pioneering and forward thinking with a generally positive outlook.

A person who is sensitive to their surroundings.

A person who is fatigued and lacking energy.

A person who is over-sensitive to smells, sounds and sights.

Emotional support for:When a person is drained of energy, lacklustre and fatigued

When they are unable to bring a commitment to fruition. Lacking direction and easily put off.
When they have experienced or been witness to a shocking situation and need support.
Spiritual state violet lavender can assist in:When someone needs to re-discover their pioneering and adventurous spirit.
Additional advice related to using this essence:For additional advice about this ingredient please contact your local Phytobiophysics practitioner.


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