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"Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas stabilise emotions and create harmony. They encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very profound level."

Diana Mossop


Spruce is one of a wide range of carefully researched essences that we use when producing the Phytobiophysics formulas. You can find out more about the benefits of using spruce on this page.  You can also find out which of our products spruce is used in.

Latin Name:Picea Abis
Collection Time:Autumn


Summary:The Scandinavian Spruce is the traditional Christmas tree. It is a tall strong and masculine tree, beloved by all in Europe.
The wood from this highly productive tree is used for building houses and for making paper because of its high yield of good quality wood.
The future of mankind depends on procreation and reproduction. It is therefore catastrophic and disturbing when statistical evidence points to a dramatically lowered sperm count and quality of sperm, over the last two decades. It is also recorded that there is a depletion and decrease of male reproductive health.
For the survival of mankind it is imperative to protect the health of sperm, male reproduction and to maintain a healthy sexual appetite. Physical exercise is known to enhance the male hormone Testosterone.
Type of person spruce is suitable for:Healthy vibrant men who have a lust for life .
Sportsmen and athletes, men with an adventurous spirit who love to climb mountains and achieve great heights of success.
High Flyers, confident, successful men who enjoy all aspects of their lives.
Virility and potency and sexually active.
Potential fathers, planning to have a family.
Happy marriage and partnerships.
Sensitive and intelectual men who have artistic , creative abilities
Loving men who are very generous and supportive, the provider.

Emotional support for:
Loss of sexual virility
Men who have had their confidence knocked and who lose thier sense of wellbeing.

Infertility, Low sperm count .

Support for one's innate being, or preferences
increases confidence and self worth, For any diagnosis of male reproductive ill health
Prostate problems including Prostate cancer
Herpes virus
Wart Virus
Spiritual state spruce can assist in:Loss of prowess and masculine strength
Child who has been subject to abuse

Cancer of the male reproductive organs.
Sterilisation, vasectomy, castration.
Serious wounds or accidents which damage the reproductive organs. .

Additional advice related to using this essence:May assist with the assimilation of :Vitamin B6
minerals: Zinc and Calcium
Amino acids: l-Carnitine and l-phenylalanine
Spruce may be used to assist the elimination of:Oestrogenic pollution, gender bending drugs such as Stilboestral
Steroids used in the food industry
Petro chemicals


Related Products:

Super Fit 7 - Male Fertil - Super Fit 7 - Male Fertil, is a natural remedy made using the essence of the Norwegian Spruce tree. This Phytobiophysics formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 607nm which is Orange and is very supportive of Male energy.
The spirtual and emotional health of Man is vital for the future of the planet.
This Spruce tree essence formula can be used in conjunction with flower formulas FF16 and FF17.
A powerful Male formula and is supportive of Masculine energy

- Potency
- Virility
- Masculinity
- Manhood
- Fatherhood