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Diana Mossop

Nervous Breakdown


Nervous breakdown is a term used in reference to a wide range of mental illnesses. Nervous breakdown is definitely not a medical or clinical term; and nor does it pertain to any specific type of mental disorder. In general, the term describes an episode of extreme emotional distraught or an event in which a person displays symptoms of various mental illnesses.


A nervous breakdown is not a clinical diagnosis.

Symptoms and Signs

The term nervous breakdown is often used to describe situations that demonstrate extreme emotional stress or agitation. In most cases, what is described as a "nervous breakdown" is actually severe depression, which may manifest with the following symptoms: agitation or restlessness; difficulty or inability to stop crying; insomnia or sleeping difficulties; significant appetite changes; general indecision in everyday function. Other signs commonly associated with nervous breakdown are: disinterest in family life, or work; alienation from previously close friends and family; paranoia; thoughts of grandeur or invincibility; delusions; suicidal tendencies; aggressive or violent behavior; flashbacks of previous traumatic events; drug or alcohol abuse; and inability to pursue a normal life, normal activities or normal relationships.


The cause of a nervous breakdown, or mental illnesses in general, is not clear. However, some factors may play a role, including: drug and alcohol use; emotional and psychological stress; underlying medical conditions; and genetics.


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