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"Structural problems usually come about, not as a result of mere physical trauma but as a consequence of the underlying weaknesses caused by toxicity or negative emotions."

Anthony Mossop

How are Phytobiophysics Flower Forulas created?

Stages of Production of PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Flower Formulas:

  1. Collection of the living essence of the flower/trees &ndash samples are collected on 12 days a year &ndash preferably at the time of the full moon when planetary energies are most stable.  The samples are placed in pure blessed water and left in the sun. The memory of the water captures the vibrational essence of the flower.
  2. This is called the sun method however there are many other methods of creating the essence. One is to collect the dew drops from the flower early in the morning or after it has rained. The other method is referred to as the honey dew method when a small pipette is used to suck the dew out of the centre of the flower, and lastly the live flower method is used  by bending the flower into the water without breaking the stem.
  3. Verification.  There is a particular spiritual skill involved in capturing the living energy of the plant to retain its innate vibration. Practitioners are trained to collect and research their own essences as this method of healing is very important for the health of mankind.
  4. Recognition: The essence is tested and researched to ensure we have collected the right species and that the energy is still living.
  5. Assessment  of the vibrational Colour level of the frequency and the corresponding energy and organ systems of the body.   VOL techniques are used for this as well as Kinesiology and methods of muscle testing. Some practitioners may use pendulums although this is not a method that is used by the Institute .
  6. Matching of frequencies to cell structures. We use a Galvanometer a modified Vol-meter to test the formulas on various meridian points of the body - matching these frequencies with periodic charts, vitamin and nutritional information, etc
  7. VASER amplification is a secret process to amplify the captured energies.
  8. Impregnation and preparation of sucrose pills at the Helios laboratories in Tunbridge Wells, UK.
It is believed by many professionals worldwide that the colours of the rainbow have a direct relationship to the human body and health.