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"Flower and Tree formulas like Acupuncture without needles!"

Diana Mossop

Do patients experience “healing crises” when being treated by PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas?

The Body will produce physical symptoms when it is diseased or imbalanced, but it also produces symptoms when it heals. PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas help the body work harder to restore balance and as a result, whilst the systems are clearing, there may be extra mucous, fever, itching or slight discomfort.  However, these symptoms create a feeling of relief, rather than distress.  Most patients report an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing from the moment they commence treatment with PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas.
Diana's mission is to bring affordable, ethical and effective medicine, using the natural healing power of plants, to the children of the world, not just her children but all children, in her life time.