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"Despite the modern approach to health, every symptom has a cause and it is the cause that needs treating not the symptom."

Diana Mossop

Why is it important to be able to support patients with a virus.

Modern medicine relies greatly on the use of pharmaceutical products, which have been developed to treat symptoms and bacterial infections.  Pharmaceuticals have not been successful in the treatment of viruses.  This is because unlike bacteria, viruses are electrical in natureand they interfere with the electrical field forces of the body. Just like a virus in a computer.  One of the most exciting aspects of vibrational medicine, such as the PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas, is their remarkable capacity to deal with the electrical energetic faults in the body. 

The PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas rebalance the electrical field forces which have been damaged by the virus thereby mending the circuitry of the body's meridians returning the blue print of the cell back to normal, restructuring the cellular matrix, restoring balance and thereby allowing the innate ability of the body to heal itself on a profound level. Rather like changing a light bulb or mending a fuse.

We call it acupuncture in a pill.  Like acupuncture, PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas restore faulty meridians by bringing them back to normality.  Whilst restoring meridian balance is certainly profoundly powerful, it is by no means the only system incorporated into the PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Mossop Philosophy system.

The PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Mossop Philosophy also embraces supporting the body with treatments such as structural mobilisation referred to as Podo-Rhacidian therapy. A profoundly moving understanding of how trauma throughout our lives manifests as subtle changes in the heart beat-The heart Lock Theory.  We train our practitioners in many methods of healing such as Jump Leading the release of toxins and very gentle but important massage methods called The Mossop Lymphatic drainage according to the heart locks.

Phytobiophysics is being used by practitioners in many countries in the world stretching from Vancouver in the West to Maylasia and Hong Kong in The East