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"Live Blood Analysis conclusively demonstrates immediate physiological responses to vibrational medicine."

Anthony Mossop

Testimonial by Jane

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Jane

Added: Apr 13 2013 9:56AM

Very Dear Diana, I do not know where to start really but I have been reading the posts about Chemo therapy on your Facebook page and when I read what you said about working together to pool knowledge I knew I had to write my testimonial for the wonders of your Phytobiophysics work and formulas . About three years ago I suddenly fell ill, I was so extremely tired, my whole stomach hurt dreadfully, I found myself curling up in pain so often, food started to taste horrible, I was constantly sick and retching up bile and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognise my gaunt yellow face. I was too scared to go to the doctor but Charlie [my husband] insisted and needless to say after a horrible time of tests and investigations the dreaded news was that I had Cancer of the liver. I was so scared but went through all these procedures and tests. It seemed that my life suddenly took on a nightmare, specially looking at my children filled me with sadness and fear. It was such a dark place to be in.
Everyone at the hospital was kind and I felt that they all took such good care of me. The oncologist was one of the kindest men I have met but none of that changed the ghastliness of chemotherapy and the fear of being terminally ill. Chemo made me feel sick, my hair fell out. I was so weak and felt so awful and knew that I was dying. The difficulty was that I also had to cope with the distress of my husband and children which was even worse. The chemo was not working and made me feel terribly sick and the doctor told me that surgery was out of the question.
I had no hope so when my husband was talking to a friend at work who told him about you and how you had helped his wife's cousin through cancer. I did not think that there was any point coming to see you as I knew I was dying. Anyway we did come thanks to Charlie who persuaded me to see you and thank God he did. When I met you, you just looked into my eyes with such integrity and said ' darling your not very well, are you? How can I help? Your voice was so kind and reassuring I just felt safe with you although i just balled my eyes out. Then you asked me to put my hands on all sorts of little bottles in boxes and tested my foot with a strange little probe. Although the tests were a bit odd It seemed right and safe and I just knew that I was with someone who really might be able to help me despite the gloomy diagnosis that I had terminal cancer.
We did tests and you told me I had a virus called SV40, you explained that in order to help me recover we had to get rid of this virus, so you gave me some little brown bottles with sugar pills in them which you made up specially for me. When I held them, my fingers seemed to tingle. I cannot really explain this even now. You also advised me to take Flower Formulas, a white one called ff1 Lotus, a blue one called ff5 Nightshade and a green one called ff10 Nicotiana each to be taken three times a day and then you suggested that I take a yellow tree formula called Digest. about six times daily to support my liver chakra and to help my body eliminate the chemicals of the chemotherapy.
I cried all the way home because I was so frightened to hope but I did and when I started to take the formulas, which tasted nice, within days I started to feel better. The next chemo session was much easier, I did not feel so sick and my magic pills gave me such confidence. The oncologist was amazed by my sudden turn around and after six months decided that I was strong enough to operate on. I had approximately 2/3rds of my liver removed but the surgeon was astounded that most of the tumours were beginning to shrink.
That was a year ago and now my liver has regenerated and my doctors have told me I am in remmission and a walking miracle! How can you thank someone who has saved your life but that is what you did
I think I know where the real miracle lies! My sons talk about you as if you were a goddess for giving them back their mum. I do not think that thankyou is a very adequate word but I am going to say it anyway and maybe my story can help someone else. I hope!!

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