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"Flower and Tree formulas like Acupuncture without needles!"

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Paul

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Name: Paul

Added: Nov 11 2012 11:30AM

Triathlon Champion after serious Sports Injury

I first came to see Diana Mossop in 1998 as I had recurring chest infections which were preventing me from doing my hobby, training and racing in the sport of triathlon###;### ‘Everything would be OK for about 4- 6 weeks and then another infection would stop me from training and usually forced me to have time off work.’ I had tried many different complementary medicines as well of lots of courses of antibiotics, which only made me weaker and more susceptible to further infections.

Through her Flower Formulas, Diana was able to prevent me from having these recurring bouts of illness and I was able to consistently improve.

The next year I qualified for the Great Briton Triathlon team and raced in my age group at the World Championship and finished 15th, something I would never have dreamed possible before meeting Diana. The following year I won my age group at the European Triathlon Championships, becoming the first Jersey European Triathlon Champion.

In 2001 I was once again having problems with breathing but these symptoms were slight asthmatic symptoms so I sought Diana’s help once more. She suggested I use FF10 which really helped me train and race once more. In fact in July 2001 I won the Island games Triathlon in the Isle of Man and noted that I had not felt so free of my asthmatic symptoms for years going into the race. The Jersey team also won Gold medal, so it was a double golden celebration.

During 2002 I went through a period of what doctors thought was Depression but I was not getting any better so I went to see Diana again.

She diagnosed me with Glandular fever and again put me on Flower Formulas along with a trial of the Superfit formulas. These worked and I was back training again by the end of the year without having to take any sick leave from work.

In 2003 my training once again paid off and I won and individual bronze medal and team Gold at the Island Games held in Guernsey. Later that year I also recorded another 15th place at the World Triathlon championships in New Zealand as part of the Great Briton team.

In early 2004 I was knocked off my bicycle whilst out on a training ride and suffered with a broken hip. This resulted in my having a long time off work and not being able to train in sport for 4 months, during which time I saw Diana again and she put me on the Super Fit Formulas SF1 Peak Performance, SF 9 Structure and SF10 Inj*ry, after which I noted a mark improvement in my recovery. Almost four moths to the day from being injured I started gentle training, mostly rehabilitation work, and was really pleased how quickly my training developed. Six weeks I entered the Jersey Triathlon, mainly as a training exercise and went on to win the race by almost two minutes.

Thanks to the Superfit Formulas I was able to return to a good degree of fittest and became Jersey Triathlon Champion, a title I had been trying to win for ten years. My thanks go to Diana and The Institute of Phytobiophysics.

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