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"A really good practitioner never stops learning and is never qualified as there is always something more to learn."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Gabriella

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Gabriella

Added: Oct 27 2012 9:49AM

Client of Gabriella Divine. Irene Feb to July 2012

I am a Swedish woman, born 1956. I would like to share my story with you, a story about a healing journey inside out and outside in. Which too include Phytobiophysics formulas and the wonderful therapist Gabrielle Divine in Cyprus.

I have been into Menopause for a couple of years, and menstruation has been lesser and lesser frequent. Early in 2011 I got bleedings which I felt were not normal, but due to life circumstances I ignored it. In the summer it came back and when I had it again in September I just had to check it up.

I had a tumour on the left side in my uterus. It was really ugly, aggressive and malign. Deep inside I had known for a while a process was going on in my uterus. During the summer 2010 I had, at last, brought a deep and life-changing trauma to the surface, a trauma that had happened when I was 15 years old. In all these years I had been frozen, dead, not owing myself life and love. The cord to life’s energy was cut off.

I had processed the trauma on the inside during the years, but never had the strength to really face it, or talk about it with others. My parents never, neither 1971, not later, gave me any support in this. The trauma was connected to the uterus###;### physically, emotionally, energetically and symbolically.

I understood the tumour was a part of a process, which included healing of the trauma and the uterus, and the love of myself that I had never felt. But even if I ”knew” this, it is a kind of a trauma to get a tumour too. It has really been a journey to have trust and faith, because I could not consult the ordinary allopathic medicine, as their doctors would never give me time or possibility to take care of this from core level. I wanted to heal the emotional root cause and help the physical body to heal itself and I felt I did not want to start with surgery.

I wanted to try other things first.
As my body always has responded beautifully on reflexology therapy, and as I know an extremely skilled reflexologist I choose that as treatment. I am also dedicated to Bikram yoga, which too is deeply healing and cleansing.
I did inner healing work and had reflexology treatments from September to December 2011. My body responded very well. The tumour changed its status###;### it got less aggressive and a bit smaller.

All this took a lot of energy and as I had to work full time too it was a bit difficult to have enough energy for both the healing process and for work and life. Besides this ”health issue” I had lots of other problems in my life and too my mother was very ill.
In mid January 2012 I went to Cyprus for work. My intention had been to be cured before I went there (I was so sure I could manage that) yet I was not. I was much much better yet not well enough to handle it without any treatment. But I had to go. And I was very disappointed in myself.

February the 3 rd I met Gabriella Divine. The next day I was witnessing a Phytobiophysics consultation she gave a friend and while sitting there observing them I felt how my cells responded to the formulas she had put on the table. I certainly am ”sensitive” yet it is quite rare that I get such strong reactions from anything without even holding in it or taking it in. Gabriella said she thought she could help me, without knowing much of what problems I had.
And she really could.

Leaving myself in the hands of Gabriella and the Phytobiophysics formulas, this very first time, was absolutely amazing, I have never experienced this with anything or any treatment before. At first, my body did not respond on muscle testing. Not at all. So Gabriella had to make other kinds of tests. During the consultation my body responded more and more and I was really humbled of the ”answers” it gave us. I could literally feel the response in my cells, and too feel emotions and feelings rise in me when we went through these formulas. Honestly, I have never experienced anything like this before and I have never been through a more detailed, careful or skilful check-up either.
The ”answers” we got were dead-on target.
I got the formulas I needed, except from one, which Gabriella had to order. Funny thing was that my body longed for this one every day until I got it (I understood that when I had it in my hand a few weeks later) but I also felt the timing was perfect, it had to wait.

Day by day I could feel changes in my physical body, and too in emotions and energy. Gabriella told me I looked like dead, and felt like that too, when she first met me. A few weeks later, when we met again, I was becoming more alive. Bit by bit I could feel how the formulas worked me###;### anger, grief, self-hate and sorrow worked me, and in my daily life I too had to meet people who treated me like shit. Just as I had treated myself all these years.

I had to go back to Sweden for a while, my mother died, and so did my computer and I did a check up by the reflexologist. She was very content, wondered what I had done. The tumour got smaller and smaller.

During the summer I had another consultation with Gabriella and we also did a Heart lock test. I was absolutely speechless. There, on the paper, I could see when things that really had affected me deeply had happened. I could verify them all. During the consultation we could also easily see where I was in my healing process. What I needed to take care of and what issues that needed support. (Gabriella knows which formulas we have used during the whole process, I do not remember anymore)

The last weeks on Cyprus I got pain in my belly. It got worse and worse. I knew it was from the uterus. Back again in Sweden I went to my reflexologist for a check up and she found that the tumour had been worse, even worse than it had been from the beginning and told me I had to see a doctor as soon as possible.
I felt scared.

Lying in bed the night before I was going to see the doctor I suddenly found myself in horror, back in 1971 in what happened then. Pain, grief, horror, all these things that I had felt then went through me and I cramped, cried, shouted, wept. An hour later I was in silent stillness. Felt totally clean. The day after the doctor could not find anything wrong with my uterus. Everything was perfect. Not a trace of the tumour, the mucous membrane perfect, as if I was a young woman. I am sure what my reflexologist had felt was the heavy energy that was left but got released the night before.

Now I am well. I have too been in a fire that released the last pieces of the old patterns with self-hate, not allowing my self a good life etc. I am at peace, in love with myself. I am humbled, grateful and amazed (and a bit tired) for what I have been through and for the help and support and LOVE the Phytobiophysics formulas have given me. And of course for Gabriella.

Irene Ahlberg

Gabriella Comment,
It was a great pleasure to work with Irene, who was very responsive to treatment, the formulas she received were SF10 (had to wait for)FF3,4,15,16,20
SF 8 (6 day for only for 9 days) SF 9 (4xday for 11 days) SF10( 5xday for 9weeks then ongoing 1day).
I was delighted to hear that Irene’s tumor had cleared, I personally saw the change in her through her process it was just amazing to see her come alive

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