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"My Mission is to bring affordable, ethical and effective healthcare, using the natural healing power of plants, to the children of the world, not just my children but all children, in my life time."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Diana

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Diana

Added: Oct 27 2012 9:50AM

After three sessions of consultation with Diana Mossop my son is beginning to improve from his Autism

Dear doctor Diana

Thank you for you message. Giulio started the school and we have a good progress. Giulio is reading some little words, the teacher show me the books, Giulio loves Thomas the train and the teacher said he is able to read word after word and it's incredible. He start to understand better and use 3 words. Now when I ask him something he give me a good answer, exemplo when he was crying the last week I ask "what you want?" and he answer "I'm sad." It's the fist time he tell me what's happened.
I want ask you about the no gluten. It's very difficult, and please what I can use to replace this foods. He eats the gluten free pasta but the bread gluten free is a very different taste.
This vaccine MMR reaction is reversible? It's a very difficulty thing because the normal medicine don't admits and the children paid the consequences. Giulio did this vaccination in Italy.

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