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"A certificate of qualification is simply a stepping stone to further knowledge."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Mr N

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Name: Mr N

Added: Jun 28 2012 9:18AM

For all those sufferers of ME there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

There is nothing worse than having to constantly listen to someone telling you how unwell they feel. So after a while you learn to live with your problem rather than lose your friends. Sadly however, people who suffer from ME tend to withdraw from their friends as social activities and sport become too difficult to sustain. Those who do suffer from ME know only too well how far they can push themselves before being hit with another bout of extreme fatigue, headaches, irritable bowl and depression. You get to the point where you feel totally alone and there is no one out there who is really capable of helping. You have tried just about everything but nothing really works and the more you try to Sleep the worse you feel. You can’t think straight or cope with pressure, you become very introvert thinking only about how unwell you feel, you don’t know how you are going to get through another day and you get to the point where all you want to do is “stop the world I want to get off”.

Well perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all. I am 67 years old and have suffered with ME or the symptoms of ME for over 35 years. Good days and bad days but the good days would be bad days to any normal healthy person. I have always looked after my health as much as I have been allowed to do so but we sufferers know only too well that if you put your foot over that line just a little bit you are back on the floor knowing that it will be weeks before you start the long climb back up again. I have never given up trying to find someone or something that might just help and at long last I think I might have cracked it.

Diana Mossop is the founder of what she calls Phytobiophysics and is a method of treatment involving the energy of plants, some of them so rare that they have no names. Vibrational Energy Medicine is how she describes her philosophy. Anthony Mossop, her son has devoted his life to the philosophy and it is to him that I am eternally grateful for turning my life around. Antony holds clinics in London and Jersey, as I live in Jersey I arranged to see him there for a one hour consultation. The consultation started with a live blood test, a quick prick of the finger and I was able to see my blood cells on a screen. Anthony described everything to me pointing out that my blood was not too bad but that my blood cells were popping dying very quickly and that there were traces of virus. Although he did not believe I had ME now, I was however suffering from the legacy left behind and as a result my immune system was very low, my energy level was also very low. Without going into great detail about the consultation as most of it was over my head, Anthony gave me a session of Podo-Rhacidian therapy a manipulation therapy restoring the body’s energy, two small dispensers of Phytobiophysics Formulas SF4 and SF1 also Spiralina and Seratone. He told me to exercise a little by walking and most important deep breathing oxygenating the blood.

The following day I woke with more energy than usual but feeling as if I had a bad attack of flu and my headache was bad. This I am told was to be expected and was part of the healing process. The next day I felt like someone I had forgotten about years age. I wasn’t frightened of stepping over that line, my body was beginning to function once again, suddenly I am beginning to feel normal with much more energy than I had known for years and my Depression has lifted. I may never be a 100% but a short time ago I wouldn’t have betted on 50%.

Stop the world I want to get back on, thanks to Anthony and Phytobiophysics.

Mr N

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