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"Natural medicine is really all about common sense."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Veronica

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Veronica

Added: May 17 2012 7:06AM

Daniel’s Story

Daniel was a normal lively 1 year old, very healthy and rarely ill. He was due to have his MMR vaccination with a flu [Swine flu] vaccination to follow 10 days later.

I was concerned that it was too much for his immune system to cope with and expressed my concerns with the GP. He reassured me I shouldn’t worry and to go ahead with the inoculations. The MMR was administered on the 5th October with the flu jab following on the 14th October.

Daniel reacted quite strongly to the MMR as at about 2 weeks later he developed a rash with a slight fever and was fairly irritable. This passed and he seemed back to his old self.

We had a busy weekend at the end of October visiting friends, going to the park and playing in the garden. It was bath time on the Sunday night 30th when I noticed many bruises had appeared on Daniel’s legs - 5 to 6 on each. Over the next couple of days tiny little red dots started to appear all over his Skin,

By now I was very concerned and managed to get Daniel to the Doctors on Thursday morning. He examined Daniel and confirmed something was wrong with his blood as it wasn’t clotting properly, so we were immediately referred to the hospital and admitted that morning.

Daniel was once again fully examined while I was questioned whether he had been unwell over the past month, family history of blood disorders or Cancer, I was very anxious as none of this applied to Daniel or our family. I just kept repeating that Daniel had been perfectly well until he had received his MMR and Flu jabs.

The questions ceased and they took some blood for testing. The Doctors couldn’t yet say what the problem was, but could be as serious as Leukaemia to something as simply as an iron deficiency.

The wait for the blood results was horrendous, but our torture finally came to an end mid afternoon. The Doctor confirmed Daniel had developed a condition called Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP for short.
Basically Daniel’s immune system was in overdrive and was mistakenly recognising his platelets as foreign bodies therefore cleaning them from his blood. In 70% of cases it is an auto immune response i.e. brought on by catching a virus and has varying degrees of severity.

Unfortunately for Daniel his platelet count was practically non existent so for him it was life threatening as a moderate trauma would be fatal. Daniel also experienced spontaneous bleeding within his flesh.

The condition is not treated, it’s simply a waiting game the consultant advised it could take up to 6 months. With Daniels’ platelet count so low I found the treatment of inaction extremely frustrating and worrying as the longer it continued the higher the chance an accident could happen.

I turned to Diana Mossop who was extremely sensitive and understanding of my concerns and Daniels’ health. She re-assured me that we could turn his condition around – it may take some time but we’d get there, so Daniel commenced his treatment under Diana’s care.

In the meantime Daniel’s Consultant discussed his case with a specialist haematologist in Southampton. They concluded no intervention was the only way forward as his body simply needed time to correct itself. However they agreed the most likely culprit for Daniel developing this condition was the MMR vaccination “as it is a very potent vaccine” in the words of the Consultant.

I was therefore not prepared when only 2 months into Diana’s bespoke treatment Daniel had made a dramatic and amazing recovery. His platelet count had rocketed up to 258, which is just within the normal range. His consultant was astounded as he had not experienced such a quick recovery previously. It was such wonderful news to start the New Year.

Will Daniel be receiving his MMR booster at 3 years old – most definitely not!

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