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"Flowers have an amazing ability to harmonise emotions."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Madeleine

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Madeleine

Added: Apr 4 2012 9:37AM

I first read about the Mossop Philosophy in a book written about ME, called 'Recovery from ME, 50 recovery stories'. It was the first positive book I had read about this so called untreatable condition since I had been diagnosed with it, and struck down with it for the second time round in my life bedbound.

This was again due to putting stress and strain on my body over a period of time both mentally and physically like many do in this very driven and fast paced lifestyle.

One particular story resonated with me, and that was The Mossop Philosophy. I knew that whatever was going on in my body had to be discoverable, somehow!

I had my first appointment with Diana nearly 7 months ago, and the improvement already is vast. The constant virus symptoms have more or less gone and if they do strike me down when I overdo things, they seem to dissipate at a much faster rate. Before they used to knock me out for the rest of the month, now it is one to two weeks max. Before I was getting ill with swollen glands and feeling terrible every other month, so basically was ill for most of the year. Not living any kind of a life.

After four years of being housebound, the dramatic change already has improved my overall outlook and given me hope on my road to recovery. I still have to pace myself and have ongoing pain in my body and pain in my glands, however we have discovered that part of this is related to hormonal imbalance which also explains another one of the symptoms I have had since teenage. So, we are slowly working on the parts of my body that need attention first, and the results are rapidly showing great response and positive effect. I feel like I'm coming back to me again, how I really am, my personality is coming back and it is so exciting. Before I didn't want my close friends and family to see me ill as I just wasn't me anymore. Emotionally I am coping so much better and the anxiety has improved ten fold!

The most recent and fascinating discovery, both for Diana and myself was when she used the infra red ozone light stick on my birthmark. I never considered my port wine birthmark to be part of the problem to do with symptoms of a virus but right in front of my eyes, she managed to eliminate parts of it with this device! Amazing! Seeing sometimes really is believing, and I now understand that living with an visible illness is more difficult for other people, because they cannot see what you feel. Diana seems to understand many concepts and levels of illness in individuals, and treats you as so, an individual. This is such an important factor when treating someone. All I ever wanted first off was someone to talk to and understand what was happening inside me.I was scared and alone, terrified about what was happening to me. I became a shadow of my former self.

Now I am half way there thanks to the amazing work of Diana, Anthony and her team. Thank you thank you thank you so much!

I have even more respect now for the trees, plants and flowers in our world, they are there after all to help.....xxxXxxx

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