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"Good health is your most precious asset."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Nora P

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Name: Nora P

Added: Apr 2 2012 12:01PM

I was taking FF2 and FF10 for some time during the pregnancy, I stared taking Emotional Harmony 5 days before I was due and because, I was 5 days over I had just finished them when the Baby arrived

When my contractions started at 2am I started to take Contractions Flower and with it's help I was able to stay at home experiencing contractions at first every 15 minutes and down to 4 minutes until 7am. The contractions were lasting 40 seconds and I was able to bear them.

We got to the hospital at 7.20am and I continued to take the flowers plus I started to take the Pain, flower. Unfortunately I was'nt able to continue with the flowers as when the pain got worse I started to feel sick after taking the flowers. Apparently I was dilating quickly and the sweetness of the flowers was making me feel like getting sick.

I didnt have to get an epidural and pethidine and I feel the flowers definitely helped me here. After a normal birth at 11.26am I started to take Healthy Lactation flower which helped my milk to come in. My baby girl was'nt able to latch on to me for the first 2 days so I had to express some colostrum at first and then the milk when it came in. The nurses were amazed I was able to produce colostrum so quickly, even though it was only an ounce it was what my baby needed.

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