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"My Mission is to bring affordable, ethical and effective healthcare, using the natural healing power of plants, to the children of the world, not just my children but all children, in my life time."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Allison

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Allison

Added: Feb 29 2012 10:04AM

Diana, I came to see you in the Spring about 8 months after my son was born. Before his birth you tried to encourage me not to have Epidural as the side effects were serious and known about although often not discussed by the medical staff. You did say that there was a very high incidence of cervical pre Cancer in young mothers post Epidural procedure. Although I believed you, sadly it was necessary for me to have an Epidural procedure for the birth of my son.

After his birth you gave me FF3 to antidote the effects. Unfortunately I took it for a while but somehow gave up and forgot to finish the course. When I came to see you, in the Spring, you advised me in a gentle and kind way to see my doctor and ask for a smear test. I was really upset and angry and felt threatened and frightened but I felt that you had a reason which I respected. When I saw my doctor she refused to give a smear test at first saying that I was not due for another year. By this time I was so upset and anxious that my husband and I went back and insisted. This time she agreed and I was found to have CIN 3 the most serious type of pre cancer. I underwent the full treatment of Laser and this time I took all the Flower Formulas you recommended and never went a day without my FF3. I came to see you today and you were all smiles and said how happy you were that all seemed to be clear. I felt better as well and I had not told you that my recent follow up smear test at the hospital was all clear so your findings concurred exactly with the medical tests.

The Doctor agreed that if I had not persuaded her to give me the smear test the situation could have been very serious.

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