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"A certificate of qualification is simply a stepping stone to further knowledge."

Diana Mossop

Testimonial by Anonymous

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Anonymous

Added: Feb 29 2012 9:50AM

I went to see my GP in February 1998 after experiencing pins and needles in my left arm and fingers. At first I thought it may have been just a trapped nerve but after it continued for a week and I began to feel worse in myself not better. It really felt like I was not in my own body and that it took a great deal of effort and concentration to even walk anywhere. I decided it was best to go to my doctor as a year previously I had also had tingling in the soles of my feet.

My doctor ran a number of blood tests and looked in my eyes. It took a few days for the blood tests to come back and he rang me back to say that from the blood tests he could not see anything odd apart from my calcium level being slightly low and there was definitely no sign of Diabetes. He thought it would be best if I went to visit a Neurologist as I was not feeling any better and the tingling was not receding. I think my doctor was worried as he got me an appointment the next afternoon with a Neurologist at Bon Air.

The neurologist saw me and took down notes on how and what I was feeling and then ran some tests on me testing my reflexes - all of which came out OK. He said he would like me to go to the hospital so that he could run some electrical tests on my nerves.

An appointment was made for the next week and by this time the tingling was gone and I was feeling a lot better. The tests were run and again they came out normal. The Neurologist said that even though all of the tests he had run had come back with normal results he would like me to go to Southampton for a MRI Scan. When you hear words like that the thoughts that run through your mind are extremely frightening. My husband was wonderful and very supportive and despite having a phobia of hospitals immediately said he would take the day off and come with me. We decided not to tell my family - what would be the point in worrying them and to this day they still do not know.
We went across for the day and went through the nerve wracking experience of being stuck in tube for twenty minutes while they scanned my brain from every angle going. Inside the tube there was a mirror strategically placed so that I could still see my husband whom despite being scared silly came into the room with me. I don't think he'll ever know how reassuring it was just to have him there and to be able to see him.

After the scan was over we were asked to go and sit in the waiting room as the consultant that we had to see had been called into an emergency. We sat there for about twenty minutes and then the nurse came back to tell us that the consultant was not going to be able to see us and that he would write back to the Neurologist in Jersey. We felt relieved that it was over and that surely if there had been something wrong they would have kept us there?

I had an appointment booked at the Neurologist for a couple of weeks later. My husband asked if I wanted him to come with me and I said there was no need as I was convinced that along with all the other tests they had ran on me the MRI scan was going to come back as normal.

I sat with the Neurologist who asked me how I was feeling and I said fine there had been no numbness or floating feeling that I had experienced before. He seemed to skirt around the subject for ages until finally I asked if they had found anything wrong. He replied that from the scan it showed that I had spaces in my brain which indicated that I had Multiple Sclerosis and that the only way to confirm this would be to do a lumber puncture. My life just seemed to go on hold, one minute I am feeling fine and the next I hear a sentence with the words "Multiple Sclerosis" and "lumber puncture". I could not think straight - he asked me if I would like a like lumber puncture to confirm the diagnosis. Who in their right mind would like a lumber puncture??? He said that I may never have another attack or it may be another 20 years and that basically I was to go away and get on with my life and to contact him if I had another attack. I asked if there was anything I could do or take to improve my chances of never having another attack. He said that there had been research with fish oils but there was no confirmed medical research.

I left there feeling numb a man had just shattered my life with just one sentence. It was not like I did not know about MS, the boss of where I used to work suffered from the disease and I had watch her deteriorate over two years to being a shadow of her former self and hardly being able to walk. I did not want to end up like that, I had only been married a year I had my whole life ahead of me. I told my husband and I just fell apart and he just sat there in shock.

Someone had to be strong and he just said, "right we have just got to make sure you don't have another attack then". It was just what I needed someone thinking positively rather negatively.

The next day I went out and I bought the highest dose of fish oils I could find and started taking them and trying to get on with my life. Everything was fine for about three months and then I started feeling tired and worn out and then the numbness came back into my left arm. I tried everything to make it go away and resisted going to the doctor for longer than I should, as I didn't want to face the truth. I went to the doctor a few days later hoping he was going to tell me I was suffering from a viral infection and that 'here was a prescription for some antibiotics'. My doctor was away so I saw someone I had not seen before. I went in and told him what was wrong and he checked me over and then he started going through my notes - "No, I don't want you to read that" I was screaming inside my head. Too late, he read the letters that had gone backwards and forwards from the neurologist.

I burst into tears and just broke down in front of the poor man. He was brilliant. He listened to me, knew how scared I was and said that he would ran some blood tests to see if it was anything else. He told me about the disease - nobody had ever done that and told me about a way of healing yourself from within, in which you visualise the disease and then you visualise your body killing the disease or mending the damage that the disease had done. I found this very useful and it really seemed to work - it took me deep inside my body, almost a sort of meditation, and for once I was able to do something to fix the damage that was going on inside.

He booked me an appointment to see him in three days time, as he wanted to see me in person, to give me the results of the blood test instead of phoning me. My husband came with me to the appointment. I was again feeling much better and the numbness had all but gone. We sat there again to hear that all the blood tests had come back as normal and that it looked like "yes" I had had another attack. The doctor said that he would write to the neurologist and let him know and that if I were to have another attack that the Neurologist would want to start some sort of treatment. We left there again deflated - I didn't want this disease to ruin my life, I never wanted another attack.

Months went by and the attacks subsided, occasionally there was some mild tingling but I fought it and went and did the visualisation healing that the doctor had told me about. A friend of mine who is a Naturopath had returned from Australia and I went to see her. She was shocked to hear my news and sworn to secrecy she prescribed me some products to take, all to help strengthen my Myelin sheath - again the fish oils and various others, all of which I can't remember. These helped and I was feeling a lot better. I started to watch what I was eating and cut out dairy products and wheat products.

I had heard about Diana Mossop along the Jersey grapevine and thought that I may go and have a food allergy test to make sure there wasn't anything else I shouldn't be eating. I had to fill in a questionnaire, again my complete denial at having this disease came into action. I filled it in to the best of my ability but did not mention MS. I sat down with Diana and she immediately asked what was wrong and why I had come to her. I had to say those words and she immediately said right "Well, I can help you". She started running some tests none of which I really understand and still don't to this day if I am honest -I would desperately like to understand more - as however it works, it has helped me immensely and taken a huge burden away from me. At the end of the consultation and with some little bottles of pills in my hand Diana said, "I will state my reputation on the fact that I do not believe you have Multiple Sclerosis". I cannot describe what it feels like to hear those words. From thinking that my life was on hold to having it opened up wide again and brightly lit. I left the consultation rooms with a smile on my face and being able to look at life again.

My husband was a little more sceptical and I cannot blame him. One minute his wife has an incurable disease and the next she didn't. He could see the change in me though and that was all that really mattered. Over the next six weeks I went back to Diana another 3 times. Each time she was more and more pleased with me. I had the one and only amalgam filling in my mouth replaced and vowed never to have another one. Injections - yep I had had them all and then some, including a hepatitis A booster that I was told would last 10 years. I had also had two operations to remove the cataracts in both my eyes one at thirteen and one at sixteen. All of this Diana said contributed to my ill health. During all this time I felt great and the only times I felt any tingling I managed to link back to when I had some hard sweets and some jelly babies - Diana said not to eat anything with saccharine in - nearly all diet drinks and diet foods.

During the past six months, touchwood, I have not had another attack. I no longer take any medication apart from some multi vitamins and my trusted fish oils and I feel great. I eat much healthier now and follow a blood group diet as written in the book "The Right Diet Book" by Dr. Peter D'Adamo and do not eat any processed foods. All healthy, natural and organic for me! Diana has helped me no end and I am internally grateful to her for giving me back hope and most importantly my life.

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