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"In bio-mechanical approaches to health it is regarded that structure governs function, however the Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Therapy regards emotions to be the underlying cause of structural instability."

Anthony Mossop

Testimonial by Yvonne S

The testimonial below has been edited to remove any personal information (unless authorised by the individual) but the names and testimonial shown are real unless the individual has chosen to be anonymous.

Name: Yvonne S

Added: Apr 2 2012 11:46AM

I was recommended to Dame Diana Mossop by my reflexoiogist.

I am 30 years old and have been suffering from rheumatoid Arthritis for at least 7 years. For a while this was kept under control with medication which included steroids.

However, recently this condition worsened and began to affect most of my joints. The hospital recommended gold injections of methotrexate. I was concerned that I was young to be undertaking this kind of treatment and was concerned about the potential side effects.

I first visited Dame Diana a couple of weeks ago, and she detected viruses and infections in my medical history and began to treat them.

I began to feel better very quickly, and within 10 days people were remarking how well I was looking. My complexion improved, I found I had more energy and was even standing and walking better.

Dame Diana too, was pleased with my progress, and said S am responding well to the treatment.

Whilst I stilt have a way to go i have greatly increased confidence and hope for future treatments.

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