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"Bacteria do not cause disease they are merely the agent of disease. It is lowered immunity that allows bacteria to proliferate."

Anthony Mossop

Product Information for IM.042e Equine Support Box

Many years have been spent creating the Phytobiophysics formulas that are made from carefully researched combinations of essences from many flowers and plants. We believe that essences enable the body to heal by dealing with the underlying causal emotional trauma so encouraging the body’s own healing process.


Each IM.042e Equine Support Box contains 5 1ml bottles each containing approx. 30 pilules. These formulas can be used to test your horse and the relevant Phytobiophysics® Equine Formula or Superfit formula is used to support them as required.

About IM.042e Equine Support Box

Phytobiophysics® Equine Support Flower Formulas are made from the essence of flowers and plants and contain no chemical substances. Each test flower formula has been combined to create a resonance that assists the body to harmonise the condition or cell system named on the formula.

As an added assistance of support and to direct specific energy to the system, a tincture may be made up by placing one pill of the tested formula into a 10ml dropper bottle containing pure water. 

When a horse has been traumatised they are often in deep shock and the formulas are especially valuable. Horses respond very quickly to Vibrational formulas and we have many documented case histories of horses recovering from serious accidents, especially with EF7 Structure and the Superfit Formula SF10 Inj.Ry.

Whenever your horse/foalis are being vaccinated this Equine Support kit is very effective and ensures maximum benefit from the vaccine programme with minimum side effects.

Essences in IM.042e Equine Support Box

How to Administer

s should be administered in accordance with each individual horse.

Spiritual level: One drop daily

Mental level: Two drops daily

Emotional level: Three drops daily

Physical level: Four drops daily

Acute level Five or six drops daily

Shock: Every half hour during time of emergency and thereafter reduce in accordance with requirement.


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