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"Laughter and fun is the best medicine."

Diana Mossop

Product Information for Flower Formula 7 - Orchid 'Cool Calm'

Many years have been spent creating the Phytobiophysics formulas that are made from carefully researched combinations of essences from many flowers and plants. We believe that essences enable the body to heal by dealing with the underlying causal emotional trauma so encouraging the body’s own healing process.


Flower Formula 7 - Orchid formula 'cool calm' is made from a blend of tropical flower essences that vibrate on the frequency of Indigo 437nm. FF7 Orchid ensures a healthy gut flora through promoting alkalinity in the digestive tract, thereby enhancing the activity of acidophilus and allowing a healthy growth of lactobacillus. FF7 orchid can aid the assimilation of Vit paba and amino-acids l-methionine, l-histidine and glutamic acid. Orchid eases frustration and stress when we have become over sensitive, dramatic, depressed and tormented by anguish, self-doubt and feeling of inadequacy.

About Flower Formula 7 - Orchid 'Cool Calm'

Flower Formula 7 - Orchid  'cool calm' is made for a blend of flower Indigo flower essences

  • Orchid
  • Dead Nettle
  • Blue Iris
  • Frangepane.

Flower Formula 7 - Orchidis supportive in the following situations

  • Emotional stress of healing crisis
  • supports you when you go tropical travelling
  • it enables one to remain cool, calm and collected,
  • feeling hot, bothered and flustered
  • very supportive of babies and little children when they feel 'hot and bothered' 
  • Frustration and inability to fulfill missions and purpose
  • wrong profession/wrong partner
  • Tearful - emotional - frustrated,
  • sexual frustration, inability to reach climax 
  • not able to commit
  • over sensitive, the artist who cannot fulfill their gifts, writers block etc. or just not able to find the appropriate work
  • tormented, depressed, full of anguish
  • a sense of self doubt and inadequacy 
  • emotional paralysis
  • exhaustion, feverish, lacking motivation
  • greed and overeating and maybe obese through loss of self interest, lack of motivation and exercise.
  • supports Autism    
  • supports you when going through the menopause and feel hot and bothered      
  • can aid assimilation of vitamin paba  and amino acids: l-methionine and l-histidine glutamic acid 
  • may assist with assimilation of acidophilous and bio bifidus to ensure healthy gut flora.

Essences in Flower Formula 7 - Orchid 'Cool Calm'

Blue Iris

Blue Iris can be used to help issues with the right brain, limbic nervous system or the cingulate gyrus. (read more)

Dead Nettle

Dead Nettle can be used to help stabilise blood pressure as well as help to deal with motion sickness and the limbic nervous system. (read more)

Temple Tree Frangipani

Frangipani blossom is heavily scented and very beautiful. It is often used in ceremonies of marriage and fertility and can be helpful with emotional trauma. (read more)

White Orchid

Orchid ensures a healthy gut flora by promoting alkalinity in the digestive tract, thereby enhancing the activity
of acidophilus and allowing a healthy growth of lactobacillus. (read more)

How to Take

Vibrational formulas should not be touched

Keep away from electrical appliances especially microwave ovens 

Generally the formulas should be taken three times daily at meal times or spread throughout the day. There are more specific instructions below.

Directions for taking

  • Turn the dispenser upside down, twist the lid to dispense one pill, then replace the lid after dosing.
  • Do not mix the lids of two different formulas.
  • If taking in a drink do not mix different formulas in the same drink.

Maximum number of flower formulas that can be used on each level

  • Spiritual level: From 3 to 5 formulas
  • Mental level: From 2 to 4 formulas
  • Emotional level:From 3 to 4 formulas
  • Physical level From 1 to 2 formulas
  • Acute level &ndash 1 formula

Directions for specific levels of illness

  • Spiritual/Degenerative level: 1 pill daily for approx. 3-4 months.
  • Mental/Chronic level: 2 pills daily for approx. 2-3 months.
  • Emotional/Functional level: 3 pills daily for approx. 1 month.
  • Physical Level: 4 pills daily for approx. 2 weeks.
Acute Leve 5-6 pills for approx. 2-3 days.


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