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"Structural problems usually come about, not as a result of mere physical trauma but as a consequence of the underlying weaknesses caused by toxicity or negative emotions."

Anthony Mossop

Product Information for Flower Formula 2 - White Rose 'Recovery'

Many years have been spent creating the Phytobiophysics formulas that are made from carefully researched combinations of essences from many flowers and plants. We believe that essences enable the body to heal by dealing with the underlying causal emotional trauma so encouraging the body’s own healing process.


FF2 - White Rose 'recovery' is a blend of white flowers which vibrate on the complete colour spectrum and relate to the five elements of traditional chinese medicine, thereby creating harmony on all levels of consciousness. White flower essences are very powerful and support emotions to help us deal with the sad, painful and traumatic experiences that we all suffer with throughout our lives. White Rose 'Recovery' is specially for helping little children and remember that we were all children once. This formula is used with all the other formulas to help with recovery. we call it one of our helper formulas. It is also valuable to assist prior to conception, for the whole gestation period as well as supporting little babies throughout their growth. Offers gentle support whenever little babies are vulnerable such as when undergoing hospital procedures or inoculation. Emotions interfere with function which then creates physical imbalance. Through stabilising the emotional issues in our lives, we may then recover from the physical manifestation. FF2 supports emotional recovery

About Flower Formula 2 - White Rose 'Recovery'

The blend of essences in FF2 are:

  • white rose,  
  • marvel of Peru,   
  • thorn apple   
  • crinum lily  

FF2 may assist with the assimilation of all proteins - Amino acids.  which are the building blocks of body tissues, hormones, enzymes and white blood cells for immune system, mucous for the sinuses and tonsils, and enzymes for the digestive system

FF2 - White rose can be used as:

  • Yin formula - left sided disorders    
  • support for child during time of vaccination
  • Growth hormone: needed for foetal development, so given to pregnant mother and throughout breast feeding and during early years of child's life
  • Inability to have children
  • Single-parent families or those people suffering from isolation and lack of support
  • Nervous breakdown - inability to recover from trauma
  • Balances extremes of emotions
  • Enables the body to produce enzymes andsupports natural hormonal function
  • Neuro-transmission between enzyme, hormone and assimilation of amino acids proteins
  • Enables the body to produce hormones for immune system, sinuses and tonsils, digestive system and assimilation of nutrients, supports the bodies natural steroid production
  • Trauma dating back to childhood, children who are made to grow up too soon/have been tampered with e.g war, abuse etc
  • Supports Childbirth and the first few months of the babies life
  • Enables the metabolising of all amino acids proteins.

Essences in Flower Formula 2 - White Rose 'Recovery'

Crinum Lily

Crinum Lily is a powerful flower which can aid recovery from traumatic situations or events. (read more)

Marvel of Peru

Parts of the Marvel of Peru may be used as a diuretic, purgative, and for wound healing. The root is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities. We have found that the Marvel of Peru can aid with forming personal connections. (read more)

Strawberry Tree

The Strawberry Arbutus tree is also called the compass tree. it is a very important tree found in Vancouver, Canada, as well as Europe. It is regarded as a barometer tree as it is slowly dying. This is significant as it indicates levels of pollution from toxic chemicals in the environment.
This beautiful tree has delicious fruits which taste like strawberries and it is for this reason that it is nicknamed the Strawberry Tree. the bark is truly beautiful. (read more)

Thorn Apple Blossom

Bioflavonoids found in Thorn Apple Blossom Hawthorn include oligomeric procyanidins OPCc, vitexin, quercetin, and hyperoside. These compounds have been used to support the cardiovascular system. (read more)

White Rose

The White Rose has significant levels of vitamins and has been used as a food supplement. Roses have been used for stomach problems, and are being investigated for controlling cancer growth. White Rose is used in Phytobiophysics formulas to support emotional well being. (read more)

How to Use

Vibrational formulas should not be touched

Keep away from electrical appliances especially microwave ovens 

Generally the formulas should be taken three times daily at meal times or spread throughout the day. There are more specific instructions below.

Directions for taking

  • Turn the dispenser upside down, twist the lid to dispense one pill, then replace the lid after dosing.
  • Do not mix the lids of two different formulas.
  • If taking in a drink do not mix different formulas in the same drink.

Maximum number of flower formulas that can be used on each level


  •  Spiritual level - From 3 to 5 formulas
  • Mental level - From 2 to 4 formulas
  • Emotional level - From 3 to 4 formulas
  • Physical level - From 1 to 2 formulas
  • Acute level - 1 formula

Directions for specific levels of illness

  • Spiritual/Degenerative level - 1 pill daily for approx. 3-4 months.
  • Mental/Chronic level - 2 pills daily for approx. 2-3 months.
  • Emotional/Functional level - 3 pills daily for approx. 1 month.
  • Physical Level - 4 pills daily for approx. 2 weeks.
  • Acute Level - 5-6 pills for approx. 2-3 days.


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