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"Live Blood Analysis conclusively demonstrates immediate physiological responses to vibrational medicine."

Anthony Mossop

Product Information for Flower Formula 19 - Red Crysanthemum 'Motion Flow'

Many years have been spent creating the Phytobiophysics formulas that are made from carefully researched combinations of essences from many flowers and plants. We believe that essences enable the body to heal by dealing with the underlying causal emotional trauma so encouraging the body’s own healing process.


Flower Formula 19 - Red Chrysanthemum 'motion flow' is made from a blend of red flower essences that vibrate on the red colour frequency of 670nm, Large Intestine Meridian Red Chrysanthemum is for perfectionists who have a love of life and a deep need for spiritual freedom and the right to fulfil your own life's dreams. This person thinks deeply about life and death and the purpose of one’s presence on earth. If you are held back or trapped in your life this can be deeply distressing. . Trauma: Fearful, afraid of life, suppression, rigid, clinging, emotionally constipated and blocked, unable to free oneself from situations. Nightmare situations where one is unable to move or escape from fearful situations. Plodding against the tide. Wading through water, unable to detach oneself from circumstances or relationships. The spiritual energy of Red Chrysanthemum relates to accepting that when you love someone you do not automatically own them. Flower formula 19 can be a successful treatment for bacteria dysentry tooth decay. If there is bacteria in the mouth, then there will be bacteria in the rest of the body. What happens in the mouth, always manifests in the colon. FF19 red chrysanthemum formula can aid the assimilation of Vitamins: choline and inositol, all minerals and amino acids: l-leucine, l-lysine, l-proline and l-glutamine.

About Flower Formula 19 - Red Crysanthemum 'Motion Flow'

Flower Formula 19 - Red Chrysanthemum is made from a belnd of red flower essences

  • Red Chrysanthemum
  • Ribwort
  • Plantain
  • Red Shank and Red ixora.
FF19  Red Chrysanthemum is anatural remedy made from red flowe essences
    • emotionally constipated and blocked
    • Fear of life fear of letting go 
    • Physical journey
    • Eliminative channels
    • Balanced bowel movements
    • Rigid , Clinging ,Unable to free oneself from situations
    • Unable to detach oneself from circumstances or relationships
    • Nightmares  Fear Terror Horror
    • Irritable - picky - perfectionist
    • Constantly seeking reassurance
    • Fear of death/dying
    • Afraid to give loved ones freedom
    • Trapped in a hateful situation or relationship
    • Assimilation of Vitamins: Choline and Inositol
    • Assimilation of all minerals
    • Assimilation of Amino Acids l-Lysine and l-Proline and l-Glutamine

Essences in Flower Formula 19 - Red Crysanthemum 'Motion Flow'

Red Chrysanthemum

Use Red Chrysanthemum when there are issues relating to the colon, hypo-gastric plexus, pelvis, sacrum and coccyx. Problems with the legs, lower back pains, trapped sciatic nerve and also pains in the groin and constipation. (read more)

Red Ixora

Red Ixora can be used when a person is irritable and picky. Fussing about unimportant matters. When they are sensitive, anxious and easily offended. (read more)

Red Shank

Red Shank can be used for sigmoid, rectal plexus, varicose veins, haemorrhoids. If there is salmonella, typhi, HIV or VD. Also in cases of excessive obesity. (read more)

Ribwort Plantain

Ribwort Plantain can be effective when there are problems associated with the colon constipation, colitis, haemorrhoids and diarrhoea. (read more)

How to Take

Vibrational formulas should not be touched

Keep away from electrical appliances especially microwave ovens 

Generally the formulas should be taken three times daily at meal times or spread throughout the day. There are more specific instructions below.

Directions for taking

  • Turn the dispenser upside down, twist the lid to dispense one pill, then replace the lid after dosing.
  • Do not mix the lids of two different formulas.
  • If taking in a drink do not mix different formulas in the same drink.

Maximum number of flower formulas that can be used on each level

    • Spiritual level : From 3 to 5 formulas
    • Mental level: From 2 to 4 formulas
    • Emotional level : From 3 to 4 formulas
    • Physical level: From 1 to 2 formulas
    • Acute level 1 formula

    Directions for specific levels of illness

    • Spiritual/Degenerative level: 1 pill daily for approx. 3-4 months.
    • Mental/Chronic level: 2 pills daily for approx. 2-3 months.
    • Emotional/Functional level : 3 pills daily for approx. 1 month.
    • Physical :level:  4 pills daily for approx. 2 weeks.
    • Acute Level: 5-6 pills for approx. 2-3 days.



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