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"The best investment that you can ever make is in your health!"

Diana Mossop


We are a pharmacy in Munich with full range of pharmaceuticals and individual formulations. We also offer different natural product lines such as Phytobiophysics. More on www.kloesterl.de Homeopathy, Spagyrics etc. We can send you the goods ordered within a few days, by parcel mail.

Phytobiophysics and Homeopathy in Munich / Germany

About Kloesterl-Apotheke

In our laboratory, we manufacture drugs and remedies on an individual prescription basis as well as for unrestricted sale. We place great value on the manufacture of hypo-allergenic products, which is essential in particular for patients sufferring from allergies or MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome.

Have a look on our homepage - www.kloesterl-apotheke.de. It's always worth your while. From your home you can conveniently choose and order from our range of health supplements and cosmetics as well as Phytobiophysics. Your order will be delivered straight to your door in a matter of days.

Services Offered By Kloesterl-Apotheke

  • Phytobiophysics
  • Homeopathy
  • Spagyrics
  • Hildegard medicine
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Different cosmetics
  • Mail order pharmacy

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