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"A certificate of qualification is simply a stepping stone to further knowledge."

Diana Mossop

Anthony Mossop

Member of the Institute of Phytobiophysics leading lecturer and practitioner of the Mossop Philosophy and son of Diana Mossop.

Phytobiophysics Practitioner and Lecturer

About Anthony Mossop

There are few integrated holistic systems that understand and treat the interconnected issues on the structural, functional amd emotional planes. The Mossop Philosophy is the most modern and comprehensive system that I know. It has helped me personally and many of my patients with often extraordinary results and as a consequence I have dedicated my life to helping others.

I practice at the Institute of Phytobiophysics clinic in Jersey called Le Prevot Clinic and also at the Berkeley Clinic, 19 Upper Berekely Street Marble Arch London.

I offer EAV analysis and I also specialise in Live Blood Analysis together with a gentle powerful Phytobiophysics mobilisation therapy called Podo-Rhacidian. This therapy was developed by my mother, Diana Mossop. She regards Podo-Rhacidian as a method of rebalancing the sacred geometry of the human body.

I have studied at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic for several years and achieved my degree in human sciences but realised that I wanted to follow the Phytobiophysics philosophy. Although the cornerstone of chiropractic is that structure governs function, I believe that there is a seriously important need to understand the cause of structural misalignment before you start to treat. I have also studied Upledger Sacro cranial therapy as a result I have been able to bring the knowledge of the different philosophies together to create a deep understanding of Podo Rhacidian. Both from a philosophical point of view and also using all the knowledge that I have, to create a truly powerful adjunctive structural healing method which is safe and gentle but extremely effective.

I lecture all over the world and train our practitioners in Podo-Rhacidian Therapy. The effects of this treatment can be quite miraculous in terms of pain relief and also long term healing. I believe that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Unless I have a clear understanding of my patient's underlying causal problems I never treat them.

Services Offered By Anthony Mossop

  • EAV Diagnsoitics
  • Allergy Testing
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Therapy
  • Sacro Cranial Therapy
  • Advice and Support

Anthony Mossop Accreditations

  • Phytobiophysics Diploma

Best Products Chosen by Anthony Mossop

Anthony Mossop considers the following to be the best Phytobiophysics Formulas based on personal and professional knowledge and experience using them with regularly clients.

Super Fit 1 - Peak Performance

Super Fit 1- Peak Performance is a natural remedy made from the essence of the bark and acorns of a thousand year old oak tree. Peak Performance for whole body vibrancy and support. To ensure peak performance in life is to be totally in harmony with one's life, one's loved ones and one's work environment.

Super Fit 2 - Karm

Super Fit 2 - Karm is a natural remedy designed to help you relax and to remain calm even in times of high stress. The main essence in SF2 is Eucalyptus tree. This essence vibrates on the frequency of 380nm which is the energy of the brain, the pituitry gland and the spinal cord Vitamins are found in sun ripened fresh fruit and vegetables and are essential for the health of the Central Nervous System and all brain and body function. Stress depletes the body of vitamins. At times of trauma it is essential to ensure that the levels of vitamins in the diet are sufficient. Chemicals which excite the nervous system and cause excessive anxiety, panic, stress and hyperactivity also deplete the vitamin balance. Super Fit 2 may assist with the uptake and assimilation of vitamins

Super Fit 3 - Relax

Super Fit 3 - Relax is a natural remedy that has been produced using some of the most sacred trees and flowers on the planet. SF3 has the essence from the Magnolia tree. SF3 supports us with in life through enhancing our abilities for problem solving, strategy forming and managing responsibilities which all play a vital role in how we succeed in life. Stress, pressure and excessive worry about finances and life circumstances all conspire to interfere with deep and relaxed sleep. Serotonin, a brain hormone, is present in blood platelets and is responsible for clotting and healing which occurs during sleep.

Super Fit 4 - Imun.T

Super fit 4 - Imun.T is made with essences of Red Wood. This is the tallest tree in the world and has been used as a symbol of healing and independence by the Cherokee Indians. This powerful tree vibrates on the colour frequency of 460nm which is Indigo and Blue. May assist with the assimilation of: -Anti Oxidant nutrients -Vitamins: A, C and E -Minerals Selenium, Germanium and Zinc -Essential Co Enzyme Ubiquinone- Co E Q10.

Super Fit 6 - Digest

Super Fit 6 - Digest is a natural remedy made using essence of Yew tree. This formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 573nm which is yellow in colour. This formula supports the liver, gallbladder,stomach and pancreas Meridians. A healthy balanced and nutritious diet has long been recognised as being essential for maintaining good health. It is vital to ensure that the digestive system is functioning at optimum levels so as to maintain maximum comfort and ability to assimilate correctly. With the ever-increasing statistical evidence to show a link between the gastro enteric system and the brain it is becoming very apparent that the digestive system should not be neglected.

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