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"The osteopathic paradigm is that , “Structure governs function”! However, I believe that emotions impact on function therefore they must also interfere with structure."

Anthony Mossop

Anne Marie Cannon

I work with people, animals, the environment to bring about balance and health. We need to be pain free, unrestricted, content and living in an environment conducive to health. I will do my best to help you with the knowledge I have gained over the years.

Phytobiophysics, Cranial Nerve PODO Rhacidian therapy, Reflexology, Emmett, Goepathic Stress

About Anne Marie Cannon

The best way to understand complementary health is to see it operate within your own family and it was through illness that I discovered my passion. I witnessed phytobiophysics turn the health of my child around and I decided that I would have to learn more. Blessed to have met with and am a student of Professor Diana Mossop. In my buisness I use Phytobiophysics to help people in stressful suitations people who are griefing or emotionally upset. It brings about calm and increases a persons ability to deal with lifes ups and downs. It brings stability into a sometimes chaotic world.

I use reflexology for relaxation and to stimulate reflex points on the feet that stimulate the bodies own ability to heal. I studied Reflexology at Misneach School of Reflexology under Aine Walsh.

The skeleton is a big part of the body and when it comes under stress can be a source if extreme pain. Podo -Rhacidian is a gentle non invasive technique to bring the skeletal system into alignment. I studied this technique under professor Anthony Mossop.

The Emmett Technique is a system that works the neurological pathway of the body and helps reset muscles. I teach this technique for horses in Ireland and I teach a one day emm tech short course for human treatment. In my work I treat people and animals.

It is over the duration of my life that I have learned to understand energy environment assessment. I have always been aware of the seen and the unseen world's and through a series of questions I have found answers and am by no means finished yet. I have met with and learned from some interesting people in my life all who have helped me understand the place we call home. If you have geopathic stress in your home or work place it can affect your Sleep is essential for a happy healthy life. Learn useful tips to help you drift off." style="color: rgb(128, 0, 0); font-weight: 700;" href="http://www.mossopnaturalremedies.com/tabid/661/id/177/mossop-talks-about-sleep.aspx" target="_blank" alt="Good Sleep is essential for a happy healthy life. Learn useful tips to help you drift off.">Sleep and your immune system. So it helps to look at all aspects of our life when we look at our health.

Services Offered By Anne Marie Cannon


Flower formulas, super fit trees, hedgerow herbs, heart lock, children speacial needs, jump leading, advanced brain hormone /endocrine, phytobheartPower and animal formulas.

Advanced Cranial Nerve Podo-Rhacidian therapy.

Emmett Technique for people and horses.

Emmett4horses instructor for Ireland.

Reflexology, Ante Natal Care & in the Ante Naral Period plus reading of the feet.

Environment assessed for Goepathic Stress.

Anne Marie Cannon Accreditations

  • Training in Phytobiophysics.
  • Cranial nerve Podo Rhacidian Therapy
  • Emmett 4 Horses instructor training
  • Emmett advanced praticitioner for people and horses.
  • BSC Honours HNS Enviromental
  • Dip in Reflexology
  • Associated member of the Phytobiophysics institute

Anne Marie Cannon Video

Best Products Chosen by Anne Marie Cannon

Anne Marie Cannon considers the following to be the best Phytobiophysics Formulas based on personal and professional knowledge and experience using them with regularly clients.

Super Fit 1 - Peak Performance

Super Fit 1- Peak Performance is a natural remedy made from the essence of the bark and acorns of a thousand year old oak tree. Peak Performance for whole body vibrancy and support. To ensure peak performance in life is to be totally in harmony with one's life, one's loved ones and one's work environment.

Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry

Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry is a natural remedy made using the essences of Silver Birch and Pondorosa Pine. Silver Birch has powerful healing energy which is reputed to have ancient healing properties for injury to the tissues. The Pondorosa Pine is traditionally called the healing tree by the American Indians. The bark is crushed into a pulp and used to heal wounds and injuries. The bark is made of thousands of overlapping puzzle pieces which create a tough, fire-proof shield. This protects the trees in the event of forest fires. Ponderosa Pine is the spiritual tree of American Indians and vibrates on the colour frequency of 111nm which is the vibration of silver.

Flower Formula 3 - Camellia 'Spiritual Ease'

Flower Formula 3 - Pink Camellia vibrates on the frequency of 376nm Ultra Violet is beyond the visible colour spectrum and is a very high vibrational energy. This energy appears pink and is the energy which we choose when we feel spiritually traumatised. This formula is for trauma of change of circumstance such as during times of puberty or the menopause, spiritual trauma and the 7 year cycles of life. Change of circumstance such as divorce, moving home or country, a new school, a new career or losing or changing a partner can all be very distressing and traumatic. Vortex energy changes occur every seventh year. If trauma occurs during a seventh year this emotional experience will echo every seventh year of our life, seven year cycles also relate to the endocrine changes which occur throughout our lives. We are usually more vulnerable during these periods.

Flower Formula 7 - Orchid 'Cool Calm'

Flower Formula 7 - Orchid formula 'cool calm' is made from a blend of tropical flower essences that vibrate on the frequency of Indigo 437nm. FF7 Orchid ensures a healthy gut flora through promoting alkalinity in the digestive tract, thereby enhancing the activity of acidophilus and allowing a healthy growth of lactobacillus. FF7 orchid can aid the assimilation of Vit paba and amino-acids l-methionine, l-histidine and glutamic acid. Orchid eases frustration and stress when we have become over sensitive, dramatic, depressed and tormented by anguish, self-doubt and feeling of inadequacy.

Flower Formula 8 - Rosemary 'Uplift'

Flower Formula 8 - Rosemary 'Uplift' is made from a blend of Flower essences which vibrate on colour Indigo 453nm Indigo flowers promote a feeling of joy and pleasure. The Herb Rosemary is well documented for its wonderful properties of uplifting and stimulating the mind. Depression may be caused by sad and unhappy circumstances which would lead to sedation of the autonomic nervous system, lack of clarity and loss of memory. Environmental toxins and metal toxicity and hydrochloride chemicals such as anaesthetic may also sedate the nervous system. Enabling the elimination of harmful toxins will enable the autonomic system to function in harmony and sadness and depression will lift. FF8 rosemary may aid the assimilation of Vit A/D and amino acids: l-tryptophan and l-histidine. FF8 rosemary may aid the assimilation of essential fatty acids such as oil of evening primrose and fish oils.

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