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"The best investment that you can ever make is in your health!"

Diana Mossop

Alan Kane

Pain Relief Clinic helping clients to get back to full health for over a decade.Utilising the "Mossop Philosophy" to help our client's return to full health. Special interests in helping children to recover and be the special gifts that they are.

About Alan Kane

Alan Kanes Pain Relief Clinic is located in Co Kinnegad Westmeath in Ireland.

Alan Kane has been successfully helping people with their Pain Relief issues for over a decade.

A valued reputation for helping people.

Services offered include Kinesiogy, Phytobiophysics testing, Heartlock Theory,Podo Rhacidian Therapy, NST Neurostructural Integration Technique, Emmett Technique, Qi Qong Healing.

At the clinic we also promote and use Liptrainer Patakara, a one of a kind device used for helping with recovery from stroke, snoring problems, Sleep is essential for a happy healthy life. Learn useful tips to help you drift off." style="color: rgb(128, 0, 0); font-weight: 700;" href="http://www.mossopnaturalremedies.com/tabid/661/id/177/mossop-talks-about-sleep.aspx" target="_blank" alt="Good Sleep apnea, speech problems, TMJ problems and more.

More information about this device at www.liptrainer.org.

Services Offered By Alan Kane

  • Kinesiogy
  • Phytobiophysics Testing
  • Heartlock Theory
  • Podo Rhacidian Therapy
  • NST Neurostructural Integration Technique
  • Emmett Technique
  • Qi Qong Healing

Alan Kane Accreditations

Diploma in Kinesiology 2002

Advanced training in Kinesiology emotional amygdala pathways

Phytobiophysics training

Cranial and vertebral Podo Rhacidian Therapy

Vital physiology certifcation Australia

Stress indicator point system certification Australia

Advanced certificates in Neurostructural Inegration Technique

Full Certification in Emmett Technique Australia

Quantum Touch Energy Healing Instructor

Qi Qong Instructor

28 years Martial Arts experience, black belts in karate, haidong gumdo

International mental game coach certification

Best Products Chosen by Alan Kane

Alan Kane considers the following to be the best Phytobiophysics Formulas based on personal and professional knowledge and experience using them with regularly clients.

Super Fit 4 - Imun.T

Super fit 4 - Imun.T is made with essences of Red Wood. This is the tallest tree in the world and has been used as a symbol of healing and independence by the Cherokee Indians. This powerful tree vibrates on the colour frequency of 460nm which is Indigo and Blue. May assist with the assimilation of: -Anti Oxidant nutrients -Vitamins: A, C and E -Minerals Selenium, Germanium and Zinc -Essential Co Enzyme Ubiquinone- Co E Q10.

Super Fit 5 - Breathe

Super Fit 5 - Breathe is a natural remedy that uses essence of the Deodar Cedrus, the sacred Tree of God . This Phytobiophysics formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 512nm which is green, the colour of life and trees, the breathing of the planet This remedy is primarily beneficial for the lung meridian. May assist with the assimilation of :- - Vitamins: B2 Riboflavin vital for the activation of the Krebs Cycle - Essential Amino acids: L-Leucine vital for the formation of Haemoglobin - L-Isoleucine vital for the formation of Thymopoetin found in meat and green vegetables - GABA, which is essential for oxygen uptake

Super Fit 9 - Structure

Super Fit 9 - Structure is a natural remedy made using the essence of the Wild Cherry tree. A strong and structural tree, which produces fruit that are rich in enzymes and vitamin K. The cherry fruits are used medicinally as well as eaten as a fruit. Wild Cherry vibrates on the colour frequency of 780nm which is infra-red. The Cherry tree is regarded as beautiful and rare in Japan. This beautiful tree is very physical and the wood of the cherry tree is often used to make beautiful furniture

Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry

Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry is a natural remedy made using the essences of Silver Birch and Pondorosa Pine. Silver Birch has powerful healing energy which is reputed to have ancient healing properties for injury to the tissues. The Pondorosa Pine is traditionally called the healing tree by the American Indians. The bark is crushed into a pulp and used to heal wounds and injuries. The bark is made of thousands of overlapping puzzle pieces which create a tough, fire-proof shield. This protects the trees in the event of forest fires. Ponderosa Pine is the spiritual tree of American Indians and vibrates on the colour frequency of 111nm which is the vibration of silver.

Flower Formula 1 - Lotus ' Vitality'

Flower formula FF1 Lotus 'Vitality' Emergency formula vibrates on white energy. Lotus supports you whenever you have had a shock such as tragic news, the loss of a loved one or a sepcial pet for example. This formula enhances the effect of all other flower formulas. it is made from a blend of sacred white flowers which have been collected from all over the world. Lotus is a timelessly old essence as Budha was reputed to drink the dew drops of the Lotus blossom to uplift his soul.

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6 St John's Terrace
Co. Westmeath