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"Structural problems usually come about, not as a result of mere physical trauma but as a consequence of the underlying weaknesses caused by toxicity or negative emotions."

Anthony Mossop

Mohd Salleh Hassan

Provides full range of Consultation and Treatment based on Phytobiophysics protocols.

Provides full range of Consultation and Treatment based on Phytobiophysics protocols.

About Mohd Salleh Hassan

Involved in natural healing since 1997, using herbals and natural nutritional remedies. The interest on natural healing have been guided by family members in Traditional Malay massage and Rukyah methods. Very involved in Sufism and spiritual healing. Acquired the first knowledge of Phytobiophysics healing in 1997 and subsequently grew along with the progress of Phytobiophysics modality. Now hold as the President of Malaysian Association of Phytobiophysics Practitioner (MAPP).

Services Offered By Mohd Salleh Hassan

1. Assessing and advising on Wellness and Health status using Bio-Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, Bio-well on Human Energy and Electrical Field and Phytobiophysics Therapy.

2) 2. Provides full range of Consultation and Treatment based on Phytobiophysics protocols:-

i) Dispensing Harmonizing Home Formula (HF), including Super fit or even Heart Power Formula depending on the individual needs and requirement,

ii) Also provide Special care support for Special Children, who is suffering from Autism, ADHD and DDHD,

iii) Provide Manual Lymphatic Stimulation Therapy,

iv) Podo Rhacidian and Jump Leading Therapy,

v) Provide Structural Pathways Treatment on Taints and inherited diseases,

3) 3. Provides Traditional Malay massages

4) 4. Provides consultation on spiritual healing.

5) 5. Provides consultation on Wellness using herbals and natural nutritional remedies.

6) 6. Provides Training.

Mohd Salleh Hassan Accreditations

Possessed Master in Iridology from University of Health Science Hawaii.

Trained as Master Reikki.

Qualified Trainer in Phytobiophysics from the Institute of Phytobiophysics, UK.

Possessed Full Diploma in Phytobiophysic from the Institute of Phytobiophysics, UK.

Certified Practitioner of Phytobiophysics from Institute of Phytobiophysics, UK.

Trained in Traditional Malay massage and spiritual healing.

Trained in Herbals and Natural nutritional remedies.

Retired Accountant. Bachelor of Accounting, CPA

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Jalan Ladung 19/28, Seksyen 19, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
West Malaysia
Shah Alam