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"Structural problems usually come about, not as a result of mere physical trauma but as a consequence of the underlying weaknesses caused by toxicity or negative emotions."

Anthony Mossop

Available Services

 From our clinic in Jersey we  provide a number of services both locally and Internationally.  Below you can find out more about the services we provide.

One to One Consultation

Prof Diana Mossop, Founder of the Institute of Phytobiophysics is a specialist of EAV analysys

Live Blood Analysis

A session lasts an hour and will involve you filling out a questionnaire on various aspects of your health history. Plus a pin pri…

Podo-Rhacidian Therapy

Pod Rhacidian is a gentle non-Manipulative structural re-alignment therapy.

The Berkeley Clinic London

Both Diana and Anthony regularly consult from the Berkeley Clinic in London.

Jade facials and Lymphatic Stimulation massage/ light therapy

sophisticated Lymphatic massage therapy

Postal Consultations

The Postal Consultation is ideal if you require an investigation but are too ill to travel, live abroad or too far away to arrange…


We have a growing number of testimonials from patients who want to spread the word about Phytobiophysics.

“For all those sufferers of ME there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” There is nothing worse than having to constantly listen to someone telling you how unwell they feel. So after a while you learn to live with your prob…

Hi Diana I would like to give a testimonial about my grandson for your web site I seem to be unable to upload recommendations myself. 'My six year old grandson is growing up in a world where the use of synthetic oestrog…

Francesca and I work in reception at The Berkeley Clinic and we are in a privileged position to see Diana’s patients come and each time they do, you can see the improvement and the patients always speak highly of Diana and Anthony…

The following is the experience that I had with Phytobiophysics On the evening of the 26 July 20011 went out to a restaurant with my family. As a starter I ate six oysters. The next morning I ate a soft egg for breakfast. Ap…

Client of Gabriella Divine. Irene Feb to July 2012 I am a Swedish woman, born 1956. I would like to share my story with you, a story about a healing journey inside out and outside in. Which too include Phytobiophysics formula…

For the past years my 2 year old son always seemed to be ill & was always being prescribed anti-biotics. We were both then diagnosed as having jhardia, following tests carried out by the local Public Health Dept. This condition…

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