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"A really good practitioner never stops learning and is never qualified as there is always something more to learn."

Diana Mossop

Phytobiophysics Essences

We use a range of natural essences in the Phytobiophysics range of natural remedies.

The flowers and plants that we use are detailed on this page.


Acorn can be used when there suffer with emotions whih affect the heart, this could lead to situations which impair heart function so relating to the heart. DNA/RNA Repair after any illness, operation, accident or physical damage.

Arbol de Tule

Montezuma cypress Arbol del Tule the name of the tree from which Lucy Hodges collected the essence was called El Árbol del Tule Spanish for The Tree of Tule it is a tree located in the church grounds in the town center of Santa María del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, . It is aTaxodium mucronatum, or ahuehuete meaning "old man of the water" in Nahuatl. It has the stoutest trunk of any tree in the world. In 2001 it was placed on a UNESCO tentative list of World Heritage Sites.[1]

Arum Lily

Arum Lily can be used when there is infertility, low sperm count, low ovum production, blocked fallopian tubes or an inability to conceive.

Azalea Pink Violet

Do you have trouble with your sleep patterns or do you suffer from feeling restless and disturbed? Try Azalea Pink Violet

Beech tree

The natural range extends from southern Sweden and Norway to central Italy, west to France, southern England, northern Portugal, and central Spain, and east to northwest Turkey. It is used as an ornamental tree for parks and woodland but the wood is also used to make beautiful furniture.


Bindweed can support normally secure, sensual and strong females who have issues with their limbic system and feelings of insecurity.

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Bird's Foot Trefoil can help people suffering from sudden weight gain or loss, uncontrolled eating binges, bulimia and anorexia.

Black Meddick

Black Meddick can support all conditions which are stress related including tension and anxiety. It contains Vit A Retinol.

Black Nightshade

Black Nightshade can be helpful as a natural remedy for people who are oppressed by irrational thoughts.

Blue Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth can be used by people who find it difficult to relax, are tense and stiff. It can support people in returning to a happy and cheerful state.

Blue Iris

Blue Iris can be used to help issues with the right brain, limbic nervous system or the cingulate gyrus.


Bluebell can be helpful when there are complaints with the thyroid, parathyroid, larynx. Also with emotional feelings of despair.


Borage has been used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism and can aid when people need uplifting and spiritually rejuvenating.


Bramble supports the victim of betrayal. Betrayal of trust is a very aggresive and destructive negation of friendship and leads to serious breathing disorders an inability to forgive and may even lead to cancer.


Buttercup is effective for those suffering from complaints related to spleen/fatty tissue, glucagon, gallbladder and bile ducts.


Camomile is effective when there are problems with the reproductive organs, ovaries, uterus/gonads and testes. Also for PMT and sleeplessness.

Cannon Ball Tree

The Cannon Ball tree found in Malaysia and Trinidad has the most astonishing, huge orange flowers which grow out of the tree trunk. Called the Cannon ball tree because of the large cannon ball seed pod.


The Wood from the Cherry tree is traditionally used to make furniture and pipes. A strong and structural tree which produces fruits which are rich in Vitamins and enzymes, in Particular Vit C and Vit K herry is very supportive of the physical structure of the human body and vibrates on the frequency of Endorphin. Natural pain killers produced by the body.


Chickweed can be an effective treatment for AIDS, cancer or any`incurable illness’ or for those nursing a chronically sick loved one.


Chive is an edible herb and is used in the kitchen as a garnish for soups sauces and salads. It also supports the immune system well and helps to ward off virus.


Comfrey is used to support bone damage, the nervous system and inflammation. Also for problems with the tendons, fractures, broken bones and osteo arthiritis.

Common Fumitory Weasel's Snout

We use Common Fumitory Weasel's Snout to aid emotional balance and to help control stress.

Common Horsetail

Common Horsetail has been used for it's medicinal properties for many years and is rich in silicon, potassium and calcium. It can help to support people with flagging energy levels.

Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley can be used for congestive lung disorders such as emphysema, asthma, breathing difficulties, bronchial disorders and chest colds.

Crinum Lily

Crinum Lily is a powerful flower which can aid recovery from traumatic situations or events.


Daffodil can be useful in helping to overcome fear. It can also be used for conditions relating to the solar plexus as well as also agoraphobia.


Daisy is an effective flower when there are complaints associated with the reproductive organs. During puberty and for those who have received an injury during puberty.


Dandelion is one of the best natural diuretics, suitable for liver congestion, kidney and gallstones, and for those suffering from jaundice.

Dead Nettle

Dead Nettle can be used to help stabilise blood pressure as well as help to deal with motion sickness and the limbic nervous system.

Deodar Cedar

Deodar Cedrus , the Indian Tree of God. The sacred, Divine healing tree of India is mentioned in the ancient Sanskit texts as the most powerful healing tree. This tree has powerful religious associations but is the healer of the heart. The pine cone which is heavenly scented , clears the sinuses and allows deep inhalation. Every aspect of life is supported by Oxygen, fresh air and exercise. Breathing correctly is fundamental to support life, vitlaity and health. Loss of love and rejection can affect our ability to breath properly

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