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"The best investment that you can ever make is in your health!"

Diana Mossop

Practitioner Qualifications

All Phytobiophysics Practitioners are qualified based on the level of experience, courses they have attended as well as the use of the products.  Below you will find details about what a Practitioner is required to do to obtain the different Phytobiophysics Practitioner levels.

Trainer Qualified

Trainer Qualified Practitioners have reached a level of learning and studying whereby they are qualified and able to teach other Practitioners up to a predefined level.

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Podo-Rhacidian Qualified

A qualified Podo-Rhacidian Practitioner will utilise the most suited therapy to your personal requirements. This will either involve a segmental i.e. Vertebral PRM, in which each vertebra is dealt with in turn or an integrated approach i.e. Cranial PRM, whereby the whole spine is dealt with via contact points on the cranium and sacrum/pelvis.

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Level 1 - Full Diploma

The Diploma of Phytobiophysics and the Mossop Philosophy standard has been laid down by both the Institute of Phytobiophysics and the Complementary Medical Association CMA and has been recognised and accredited by The Guild of Complementary Practitioners named The Guild of Professional Practitioners in 1992 . The Mossop Philosophy Diploma is attained by fully qualified practitioners of CAM who, after two years of post graduate Phytobiophysics training receive a Diploma as a fully qualified Practitioner of Phytobiophysics.

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Level 2 - Certificate of Qualification

The Phytobiophysics Certificate of Qualification is offered to practitioners who have completed the first year of the diploma training and who have submitted the required course work and attained examination success. The following are required in order to achieve the Certificate: Course attendance of approx 150 hours contact teaching hours [CTH], attendance of training courses up to the level of the Intermediate training and written course work case studies, clinical experience, a formal examination at each level to the satisfaction of the Dean and lecturers of The Institute.

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Level 3 - Attended Training Courses

The practitioner of Blue standard is highly qualified in their own modality with a professional practice. They will have attended training in Phytobiophysics and the Mossop Philosophy to a very proficient level and will be incorporating the Phytobiophysics formulas and philosophy into their practice. Courses attended will include: Basic Introductory Training, the Heart Lock Theory, Podo-Rhacidian Therapy and at least two training courses to Intermediate level. This practitioner will not yet, have submitted their course work required for their Certificate of Qualification.

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Level 4 - Using Formulas

This Practitioner will also be a qulaified practioner of CAM and will have studied Phytobiophysics, The Mossop Philosophy and is actively using the Phytobiophysics formulas and helping patients regularly with conditions and problems. They will be undergoing training and will have attended the following courses: Webinars, Basic Introductory weekend training, The Heart Lock Theory and other training such as basic introduction to Podo-Rhacidian or lymphatic drainage massage.

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Level 5 - Qualified / Studied

Practitioners at this level are fully qualified in thier own modality but are students of Phytobiophysics. They will have attended webinars or basic introductory courses and have studied the Phytobiophysics formulas and their application to assist and benefit patients.

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Level 6 - Student

This is the entry level of becoming a Phytobiophysics Practitioner and is for those who are learning about the power and the benefits of the formulas. This level is a student who is studying Alternative/ Complementary medicine and is not yet qualified to practice. Phytobiophysics courses attended: Webinars, basic introductory training in the Flower and Tree Formulas. A student maybe using the formulas for family and friends at this level.

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