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"The best investment that you can ever make is in your health!"

Diana Mossop

Podo-Rhacidian Explained

Accredited by the Guild of Complementary Practitioners GCP

What is Podo-Rhacidian?

Podo-Rhacidian meaning foot spine is a unique Vertebral and Cranio-Sacral method of treating the structural system adjunctively to the Phytobiophysics® method.

Unlike most systems of structural therapy this was in fact devised to help the body eliminate toxicity. It is understood in the Phytobiophysics® method that the structural system is in fact pre-disposed to injury and abnormality when there is a blockage in the body's ability to eliminate a toxin or transmit information efficiently and that by assisting with the body's ability to eliminate/ transmit, that structural integrity will return to normal. Most systems of structural support emphasise merely the bio mechanistic and some to a lesser degree the nervous implications of abnormality, this approach does little more than treat the body as a machine and really only looks at the end result of abnormality rather than the cause. Of course there is some causal trauma which is purely physical and not toxic by nature and Podo-Rhacidian enables structural re-integration with this also. Thus with Podo-Rhacidian mobilisation therapy normal structural integrity becomes a side effect rather than its direct aim.

It is Cranio-Sacral only in the sense that it works on patterns the body creates that manifest structurally in the Cranium and equal opposite Sacrum. By working on these patterns through the Meridians and the Cranial nerves we can assist the body to eliminate toxins and enable a pattern of re-integration between the meridians, nerves and musculoskeletal system. The body will realign itself rapidly if this correct integration occurs, enabling improved function and reduced physical symptoms.

How is Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Performed?

There are a variety of PRM protocols.  Your practitioner will utilise the one most suited to your personal requirements. This will either involve a segmental i.e. Vertebral PRM, in which each vertebra is dealt with in turn or an integrated approach i.e. Cranial PRM, whereby the whole spine is dealt with via contact points on the cranium and sacrum/pelvis.

Simple and gentel analytical methods are employed to detect spinal or cranial lesions. These are then released through mobilisation of the fingers and toes. In this way, refexive physical tension that has been relayed from the spine along the nerve plexuses and held within the body, may be released. Not only is the treatment gentle and easy to perform, it is suitable for all ages.

How is Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Integrated into Holistic Health?

PRM is an adjunctive therapy within the Phytobiophysics® system of healing. It has been used extensively over the last 20 years by many Phytobiophysics® practitioners and other primary health care professionals i.e. Acupuncturists, Applied Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

How Does Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Helps You?

PRM helps to balance the body's innate self-healing mechanisms therefore its scope is wide. It has been used to aid in the treatment of many problems including, but not limited to the following:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lowered vitality
  • Recurrent infection
  • Sinus and tonsil problems
  • Reduced mobility
  • Chronic vertebral pain
  • Jaw TMJ problems
  • Pelvic misalignment
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Menstrual and menopausal problems
  • Emotional and mental stress
  • Nervous tension
  • Elimination of toxins / bacteria / heavy metal

Podo-Rhacidian Practitioners Worldwide

Justin Reddin

Dublin , Ireland

Justin has been studying holistic systems since the age of 19. His intention in all his work is to serve humanity facilitating the healing of pain & suffering of any kind & helping us in our efforts to be as healthy & happy as possible. (read more)

Kong Poei Moon

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Phytobobiophysics practitioner and trainer in Asia. Reiki Master , Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner with Diploma from London College of Clinical Hypnosis. (read more)

Linda Zinkus

Victoria, B.C., Canada

I practice acupuncture and herbal medicine, including phytobiophysics, flower and tree formulae. (read more)

M. Guadalupe Gutierrez, DDS R. Ac.

Princeton, Canada, Canada

We combined Dietary and Lifestyle consueling,Detoxification,Herbal and Food cures along with Phytobiophisics Flower Formulas, Bach Flower Remedies and Energy Balancing according to de principles of Chinese Medicine in order to achive harmony in Body Mind and Spirit (read more)

Martina Mcgee

Co. Galway, Ireland

Phytobiophysics and Podo Rhacidian Practitioner based in Galway. Also a Yoga Teacher both in city and south Galway. (read more)

Mohd Salleh Hassan

Shah Alam, Malaysia

Provides full range of Consultation and Treatment based on Phytobiophysics protocols. (read more)

Nicola Fahey

Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Nicola Fahey, is a Kinesiologist and Advanced Phytobiophysics Practitioner. Nicola also operates Kinesiology for Equine Health. (read more)

Pearl Lim Yoke Kuan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Running a beauty centre (Re Beauty Therapy) in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Been practising Phytobiophysics for 5 years. Currently using Phytobiophysics to help special needs children and people who suffering emotional disease. (read more)

Tan Hui Hian

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Healing for peace. A non invasive method and easy to use harmoniser formulas with no adverse reaction. Safe for children and elderly. My children are also learning along side me simple techniques to help themselves. This is a age of new spiritual awakening, come for a consult, I will listen. (read more)

The Berkeley Clinic

London, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Berkeley Clinic. Situated in Central London near Marble Arch, the Berkeley Clinic is a natural health clinic that offers the highest standard of both new and traditional complementary therapies. (read more)

Vicentia Astrianti

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Saya menangani banyak masalah anak, seperti autis , masalah belajar, konsentrasi (read more)

Wendy Haley

Hants, United Kingdom

I am a professional lecturer and train practitioners to Phytobiophysics Diploma status. (read more)

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